February 26, 2014

Letters: Devotion to schools; no challenge too big; strong leader

Patricia “Pat” Hardy, District 11 Republican candidate for State Board of Education, has devoted much of her life to working for quality education.

Devotion to schools

Patricia “Pat” Hardy, District 11 Republican candidate for State Board of Education, has devoted much of her life to working for quality education.

She has the hands-on experience and wisdom that come from the roots of actual classroom teaching. Pat listens to teachers, parents, administrators and community leaders; she researches and studies the issues before the SBOE and rationally bases her decisions on what will benefit every child in Texas, politics aside.

Pat is a strong believer in public school education and she will loyally and honestly guide policies to strengthen our schools.

— Daisianne Younger, Benbrook

No challenge too big

I have known Barbara Nash for over 30 years. I have worked side by side with her on many charitable causes and church responsibilities.

I have seen few people who are so dedicated. She is 100 percent civic-minded, having served as a city council member and state representative.

I have not seen any challenge which is too big for Barbara.

— Ronda Watkins, Arlington

Strong leader

Managing 165 attorneys and the DA’s office caseload requires an extraordinary lawyer. George Mackey is that candidate for district attorney.

George is a former Air Force officer. As a former military officer myself, you are required to execute leadership principles.

At a candidate debate recently, it was very apparent that George’s experience as an Air Force officer, a former member of the DA’s office and a long-time defense attorney would produce an excellent DA.

— Gary Morris, Arlington

Keep DeLeon

Judge Sergio DeLeon is an outstanding Justice of the Peace.

At a George C. Clarke Elementary School carnival, I asked then-Constable DeLeon why he attended so many different school events. He said that it helps children to see the constable’s car and badge and to meet the constable personally — that it develops a positive relationship with law enforcement.

As justice of the peace he continues being involved.

Please re-elect Judge Sergio DeLeon Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5.

— Terry B. Thompson,

Fort Worth

Conservative values

Konni Burton is my choice for State Senate District 10. Her social and fiscal conservative values are solid.

She is willing to devote herself to help keep Texas a leader in the nation in job creation and low taxation. She has a proven record for hard work supporting these values.

— Jerry Boone, Colleyville

Record is clear

Congressman Marc Veasey serves us all without bias to the color of our skin or the lack of coins in our pocket book.

Mr. Sanchez’s criticism of Veasey does not match the facts.

As a precinct chair, I am not supposed to take sides in a contested race. However, Sanchez’s record reflects someone who has not just occasionally crossed over to vote in a Republican Race.

He’s voted more recently in the Republican Primary than in the Democratic Primary.

— “Faith” Jimmie Chatham,


Education a priority

I am voting for Diane Patrick because she has a positive record of support for public education.

A former public school teacher with a doctoral degree in educational administration, Diane is well-qualified to represent our school children in Austin, and has done so admirably.

— Mary Bailey Estes, Arlington

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