Healthcare shows signs of health

The growth of Fort Worth’s healthcare industry is not only about keeping people well. It’s also about the city’s economic health. The healthcare industry is now No. 1 in the region for workers with typical skills, according to a recent JPMorgan Chase & Co. study.

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Campus mental health services need support

Advocacy groups, like Active Minds, try to help reduce the stigma and provide information about mental illness. Students can create official chapters of the group at individual universities — and they should. Students who turn to their campus counseling services sometimes run into long waiting periods, lack of information and understaffed centers.


‘Stop and frisk’ is a police tactic nobody needs

Stop and frisk achieved wide notoriety in New York before it was discontinued there in 2014. If the idea is to revive it now and spread it to other cities — especially our own — let’s get this straight: It’s not needed, and there are better ways to fight crime.

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Someone fired a gun in my son’s Tarleton dorm

Nothing prepared me for coming across a story about the unintentional discharge of a firearm in my son’s dormitory at Tarleton State University. I moved my son onto campus on Aug. 27, and just 19 days into the school year, Texas experienced its first unintentional discharge of a handgun brought into the dorm under the new campus carry law.


Trump fails to seize upper hand

We feel naive in our hope that Trump will show presidential character before the Nov. 8 election. But there are still six weeks of campaign time and two more Trump-Clinton debates. We’re still watching.


Literacy project’s strong leaders go for difficult goal

What’s most impressive about the Fort Worth literacy project is that so many segments of the community’s leadership have united behind it. While that deep support would be the envy of any local project, it will be needed and must be sustained to meet the literacy challenge in Fort Worth.


Sea lions compete in Running Man Challenge

The Miami Seaquarium accepted the popular Running Man Challenge but instead of its main dancers being humans, the institution opted for sea lions and dolphins. Credit: Miami Seaquarium
Sea lions compete in Running Man Challenge 2:19

Sea lions compete in Running Man Challenge

Grapevine thumps Dunbar 3:18

Grapevine thumps Dunbar

Arlington Martin needed this 67-17 win at Fort Worth Paschal 2:35

Arlington Martin needed this 67-17 win at Fort Worth Paschal

Seth Curry shows off fancy dribbling skills 0:28

Seth Curry shows off fancy dribbling skills