Bobcat that escaped from New Jersey home captured

|Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014

A pet bobcat has been recaptured after its latest escape from its owner's southern New Jersey home.

Macedonia police: Man robs graves for gold teeth

|Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014

Macedonia may have found its ultimate gold digger.

Pennsylvania man in trouble for painting Main St

|Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014

Some people paint the town. A western Pennsylvania man just painted a little stretch of Main Street, and now he's in trouble for it.

Bank robber who bummed cigarette faces sentencing

|Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014

A bank robber who stopped during his escape to bum a cigarette off a construction worker was set to be sentenced by a federal judge in Pittsburgh.

Politicians fight over the zombie vote in Spokane

|Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014

Zombies have become a political issue in a state Senate race in Spokane.

Elusive bobcat again escapes from New Jersey home

|Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014

A pet bobcat that has repeatedly escaped from its owner's southern New Jersey home is again on the loose.

Stinky seaweed piling up at upscale Laguna Beach

|Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014

Warmer water and recent storm swells are to blame for mounds of stinky kelp piling up on the sand in the upscale Southern California resort city of Laguna Beach, scientists say.

New Mexico man's typo costs him thousands on bill

|Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014

A New Mexico man says he made an error while paying his electric bill that led him to overpay by thousands of dollars.

Store clerk tells bandit to bug off with spray can

|Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014

A western Pennsylvania convenience store clerk told a would-be bandit to bug off by spraying the suspect with a can of insecticide.

Convicted murderer sues state over prison porn ban

| |Monday, Oct. 20, 2014

A convicted murderer sentenced to more than a half-century behind bars is suing the state of Connecticut, saying its ban on pornography in prison violates his constitutional rights.