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Van Cliburn Piano Competition

Cliburn names Leonard Slatkin competition jury chairman

Day 4 Cliburn Final 203

RON T. ENNIS / Star-Telegram

The famed maestro will also conduct the concerto round of the 2017 contest but will abstain from final voting.

Jury chairman’s departure marks end of era at the Cliburn

Fort Worth’s music maestro John Giordano, 75, is retiring as chairman of the Cliburn piano competition jury after 40 years and 11 competitions.

Cliburn to launch international Junior Competition

The Fort Worth-based contest for pianists ages 13 to 17 will include a festival. The inaugural event takes place in June 2015.

Deljavan faces the music after the Cliburn

With his Cliburn Competition dreams dashed, pianist Alessandro Deljavan considers how he might find the keys to a successful concert career. The pianist labeled ‘eccentric’ finds it hard to promote himself — but knows that he must.

Vadym Kholodenko takes gold medal in Cliburn

The 26-year-old Ukrainian hoists the Winner's Cup on Sunday and 20-year-old Italian Beatrice Rana is named the silver medalist of the 14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.

Beyond the spotlight: As new Cliburn winners are crowned, a look back at the 2009 champions

Pianists Haochen Zhang, Nobuyuki Tsujii and Yeol Eum Son reflect on life with a Cliburn medal

Saturday Cliburn finals performances demonstrate strength and subtlety

Critic: Mndoyants gives an aristocratic performance of Mozart, Dong plays lyrical Beethoven and Rana muscles through Prokofiev.

Fork in the road led to glory for 1st American Cliburn finalist since ’97

Californian Sean Chen had to persuade his mom that Juilliard, not Harvard or MIT, was his calling.

Tomoki Sakata’s big Cliburn adventure

From learning to love guacamole to meeting Yu Darvish, the 19-year-old Japanese phenom is already having the competition of a lifetime.

Cliburn host families make competitors at home in Fort Worth

They’re cultural ambassadors and provide a welcoming place to practice and relax

Three more Cliburn finalists shine in their quest for gold

Vadym Kholodenko was the standout in an evening of three excellent performances.