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February 18, 2014

2014 voters guide: U.S. Senate primaries

Both Republicans and Democrats have contested primaries for the Senate seat currently held by the GOP’s John Cornyn, who is seeking another six-year term.

Here’s a closer look at candidates in the Republican and Democratic primary races for U.S. Senate in the March 4 primary elections.

All candidates in contested races that appear on Tarrant County ballots were sent a Star-Telegram questionnaire about their campaigns and background. Here are the responses — unfiltered and in their own words — from the candidates who replied. Spelling and grammar have not been corrected.

U.S. Senator


John Cornyn (i)

No reply

Ken Cope

Age: 60

Occupation and/or your main source of income: Retired U. S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and Aerospace Executive

City: Midlothian

Campaign phone number: 214-980-8900

Campaign email address: kencope@copetexas.com

Web site: www.copetexas.com

Education background, including all degrees: Master of Business Administration, Corporate Finance, from University of Dallas, Dallas, Texas; Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting, from St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas; Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; Advanced and Basic Procurement Officer, Fort Lee, Virginia, and Rock Island, Illinois; Advanced and Basic Quartermaster Officer, Fort Lee, Virginia; Accounting Specialist, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana; Securities License, Series 6 & 63; Texas Group One Life Insurance License

Highlights of your current and past civic involvement: I am currently active with the Midlothian economic development council and with Mid-Way Regional Airport (Midlothian and Waxahachie) development activities. Additionally, I am a supporter of the Ellis County Tea Party and their mission to educate citizens about their government and the consequences of complacency. As a veteran, I continue to provide financial support to patriotic activities that honor our service members. My wife and I provide financial assistance, beyond our church tithing, to several charities that involve abused women, displaced children, other disadvantaged community members and veteran’s organizations.

Over nearly 40 years, my participation has spanned physical involvement (serving and delivering food to the needy) to direct and indirect financial assistance to a broad range of charitable projects. Beyond my commitment to church programs, these have included the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Band Club Boosters, and fund-raising activities. I have given blood to the MD Anderson blood drive program every quarter for almost 15 consecutive years. I also traveled to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to helping homeowners with the overwhelming cleanup effort.

What in particular about your background, skills and experience makes you qualified for this office? Of all the candidates, including the incumbent, I am the candidate of solutions, with a proven reputation as a problem solver. My solutions can be found at www.CopeTexas.com. Additionally, I am the only candidate with the leadership experience and international business skills required in this office. As a man of conviction and passion, I am the only candidate who has signed a "Contract With Texas" to demonstrate serious commitment to my word.

What are the highest priority issues that you plan to address? Three main objectives: 1) Repeal and replace Obamacare. 2) Eliminate the IRS in favor of a simpler and fairer tax structure, based on my 503 IRS Elimination Plan. 3) Reform immigration, starting by securing our borders.

Do you plan to limit the number of terms your would serve, and do you believe there should be term limits for the office you seek? I strongly believe in term limits. The framers of our Constitution did not want career politicians, and neither do I. After successfully serving as your Senator for my first term and winning Texans' support into a second term in 2020, I would not seek a third term. I will not become a career politician. I have signed a “Contract With Texas” to demonstrate my commitment to term limits, as well as other campaign promises

Chris Mapp

Age: 53

Occupation and/or your main source of income: Self Employed, Coastal Bend Marine primary income -

Real Estate income secondary.

City: Port O'Connor

Campaign phone number: 361-983-4841 or 361-920-4841

Campaign email address: cmapp@reagan.com

Web site: mappforussenate.com Face book Chris Mapp for U S Senate.

Education background, including all degrees: G.E.D. Alvin Community College. General Motors Technical Training - Certified. Suzuki, Yamaha, Evinrude, and Honda Certified. Numerous college hours with no degree.

Highlights of your current and past civic involvement: I have been elected to and served one term on a hospital board here in Texas. Because I am self employed, time is an issue and though I do not participate directly we fund many social events and charity fund raisers.

What in particular about your background, skills and experience makes you qualified for this office? I have been self employed for 20 plus years and have been married for 31. Raising four great kids including one Marine, one Navy, one A&M grad, one office manager and making a payroll for 20 years is enough to qualify me for this job or any other. My strong work ethic and no non sense approach to getting tasks accomplished is my greatest asset. I have God given common sense; I see things that you see and know when to step up. Today our Country and our party need unity and leadership, Our Country and our party need someone to step up and I am.

What are the highest priority issues that you plan to address? The National Debt, Entitlement, Immigration, The ACA and after this abusive power breach, the IRS and EPA must be dismantled. Our GOP Party unity is a top non legislative priority. It is my belief that a team has a better chance to succeed when we all line up shoulder to shoulder and hold all arguments to the back room. ( Do you and your spouse air out your laundry in public)?

Do you plan to limit the number of terms your would serve, and do you believe there should be term limits for the office you seek? Yes to term limits starting with myself. Two terms for elected offices, Stagger the terms for Supreme Court, and all presidential appointees would have one year review with a three year term. We have to amend the presidents authority for appointments.

Curt Cleaver

No reply

Reid Reasor

Age 51

Occupation and/or your main source of income: Teacher, Business owner, Home School Cooperative Teacher, Higher Education reform activist --- income? Hard work.

City: Austin

Campaign phone number: 719-649-6238

Campaign email address: reid.reasor@gmail.com

Web site: www.reasorforussenate.com

Education background, including all degrees:

Second Year PhD Social Psychology

One year PhD work in Education

Master of Technology - Interactive Computer Graphics, Arizona State University

Bachelors of Science Astronautical Engineering, United States Air Force Academy,

Air War College

Air Command and Staff College

F-15C Phased Array Radar Instructor Course, Dec 99

USAF Night Vision Goggle Instructor Course, June 1996

Highlights of your current and past civic involvement: Crisis pregnancy centers, home school cooperative volunteer, homeless shelter work, support Panama City rescue mission, Saint Francis shelter, Smile train, Save the children. Housed unwed mothers from crisis pregnancy centers and homeless folks. You have to get your hand dirty.

What in particular about your background, skills and experience makes you qualified for this office? Unwavering knowledge of and devotion to the supreme law of the land, the U.S. Constitution and my oath to support and defend it against all enemies … including our domestic ones … John Cornyn.

What are the highest priority issues that you plan to address? Federal lawful compliance. A four point plan to force it … 1. Force a constitutional crisis by arresting Harry Reid for treason. 2. Get the house to impeach 3. Get the states to nullify 4. Attack the subversion in academia

Do you plan to limit the number of terms your would serve, and do you believe there should be term limits for the office you seek? Yes, as soon as the federal government goes back to lawful compliance and we engage amendments to never allow this type of subversion to ever happen again … then I will resign.

Steve Stockman

No reply

Dwayne Stovall

No reply

Linda Vega

Age: 47

Occupation and/or your main source of income: Attorney, my own law firm

City: Houston

Campaign phone number: (832) 786-2862

Campaign email address: info@lindavegafortexas.net

Web site: http://lindavegafortexas.net

Education background, including all degrees : George Washington Law School in D.C. J.D. 1990 University of Texas at Austin B.A. 1987 Mercedes High School in Mercedes, Texas 1983

Highlights of your current and past civic involvement : I volunteer in Houston, Texas at events hosted by National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO), the Mayor’s Office for Immigration Agency, as well as Neighborhood Centers, Inc. I was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to the Family Practice Residency Advisory Committee in 2012. I am on the board of North American University, and Bonding Against Adversity. I am the founding member of Latinos Ready To Vote, a conservative organization geared at engaging Latinos in the civic engagement including voting.

What in particular about your background, skills and experience makes you qualified for this office? I am an attorney dealing with the federal government on a daily basis. I have worked for federal government in the past. That is why I want to make a difference in Washington by representing the people of Texas who feel that Washington is out of touch with them.

What are the highest priority issues that you plan to address? Americans are frustrated with gridlock In Congress and tired of Politicians who hide behind political labels to avoid taking on the difficult issues important to Texans such as, the National Debt, Entitlements, Immigration, the growth of government, and even free trade to create more jobs for Texans.

Do you plan to limit the number of terms your would serve, and do you believe there should be term limits for the office you seek? Yes. 2


David M. Alameel

Age: 61

Occupation and/or your main source of income: Businessman

City: Dallas

Campaign phone number: 972.479.5800

Campaign email address: info@alameelforsenate.com

Web site: AlameelforSenate.com

Education background, including all degrees: Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Texas, 1981

Highlights of your current and past civic involvement: Founding Member, Hispanic Endowed “Open Doors” Scholarship Program; Founder, The Alameel Foundation; President, League of Latin American Citizens Greater Texas LULAC Council; Member, City of Dallas adjustment board; Former Chairman, American Lebanese League; Member, Greater Dallas Area Asian American Chamber of Commerce; Received “Centennial Award” on the millennium eve of 1999 from President Bill Clinton

What in particular about your background, skills and experience makes you qualified for this office? I believe in the American Dream because I’ve lived it myself. I came to America when I was just twenty years old, old leaving behind my large Lebanese Christian family. I pumped gas and worked in the fields to help my family. I proudly served in the U.S. Army, then worked my way through college and received a Dental degree from the University of Texas. I later moved to Dallas and founded a network of dental clinics that grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise. In recent years, I sold that business and have become a successful investor and an expert in financial markets. I am a critic of Wall Street and know we must reform current policies that subsidize big banks and corporations and hurt the middle class.

Martha, my wife of 40 years, and I have two grown children and one grandson, so I understand firsthand the importance of education that is accessible and affordable for Texas children. I’ve served on various civic boards and organizations in the Dallas area and have been involved in Democratic politics for more than 20 years.

What are the highest priority issues that you plan to address? I'm a veteran and a strong supporter of the military, but after 12 years, it's time for us to bring the troops home from Afghanistan and use the billions we are spending there to do three things: improve our economy at home by investing in good jobs and making Wall Street pay its fair share of taxes, increasing access to quality education for all children, and protecting Social Security and Medicare.

Do you plan to limit the number of terms you would serve, and do you believe there should be term limits for the office you seek? The voters have term limits. They can vote any of us out now. I believe we need new people and new ideas, and that's why I'm running. But I oppose outside arbitrary limits that can cost Texas the kind of clout we need in Washington.

Harry Kim

Age: 55

Profession: Family Doctor

Campaign Phone: (432) 689-8012

Campaign e-mail: KimforSenate@gmail.com

Web site: www.kimforsenate.org

Education: Columbia University in the city of New York-B.A; Robert Wood Johnson Medical School/N.J.-M.D.

Qualifications: Extensive knowledge of Health Care Issues. Deep understanding of Economic policy. Strong interest in Educational policy. Understanding of Social Issues. Reason for Running: Fight for the ordinary working people against the Inequality and the Injustice of the system. To give voice to those who are not heard. Fix the broken political system. Protect those who are in most need. Provide better future to the young generation. Equal Opportunity for all.

Three Most important issues: 1) Economic Inequality-Economic issue must address the inequality, inequality for the working class. Those who work, sometimes two jobs and still can not make the ends meet. We need fair wages for our working people. We need to raise the minimum wage. However, this will not adequately solve the problem. we need to provide “Living Wage” for our people. My plan is 20/20. 20/20 Plan-By year 2020, living wage of $20/hr for most jobs.

2) Equal Opportunity-Raising wages will not matter if we do not have equal opportunity. Equal opportunity for all, regardless of Race, Gender, Background, Orientation or Generation. By generation I mean, we owe to our young people the same chance in life that our forefathers provided for us. Sadly, I am ashamed to say current authorities that are in power has mortgaged the future of our young people. This must be corrected.

3) Education-We have too many young people who are dropping off or out of our education system. As it stands, teachers are not allowed to teach efficiently and students are not allowed to learn effectively. We must allow teachers to teach and students to learn. Without proper skills and sufficient education, these young people will not be able to compete in the new global economy. We must invest in the education system. Investment requires funding. I will fight to restore the necessary funding including Head Start. Furthermore, students who are qualified and motivated must be given equal access to higher education. Only then, do we provide the means for our best and the brightest to achieve all they can achieve. I ask my fellow Texans to vote for me because issues that concern us all are crucial if not critical. We live in difficult times, a reality that often escapes our elected officials. It appears they often prefer fantasy over fact.

That's what often happens if you are a career politician and become disconnected and detached from the people. People of Texas deserve more, someone better. I live, work, and have shared the joys and pains of my fellow Texans in my personal life and as a Family Doctor. I see what is happening with my fellow citizens. I see what they see. I feel what they feel. Ordinary people are not being taken care of by their elected officials. This must change. And I plan to change that. As your Senator, my first and foremost concern will be about the welfare of our people, ordinary people, like you and I. It is the regular people that matter the most. It is the regular people that make our society, country work. It is the regular people who we can not do without. It is about time we elect someone who understands this.

In addition, my extensive knowledge in many different fields including health care makes me uniquely valuable in times like this. Health care is responsible for 25% of GDP. It is something we must get right. I am certain I will be a valuable asset in this discussion and future direction due to my deep knowledge in this field. Finally, I will fight for true equality and justice for all. Opportunity and freedom is what made America great. Opportunity to become all you can become. Freedom to choose and determine your own destiny. These are values that must be protected and preserved for all people for all times. And yet, for many Americans, these rights are slowly fading away. I will fight to defend these rights for Texans and fellow Americans. I am running for U.S. Senate, for a better today and a greater tomorrow.

I am,

Keesha Rogers

Age 37

Occupation and/or your main source of income: consultant, LaRouche Policy Inst.

City: Houston

Campaign phone number: 713- 830-9052

Campaign email address: 9100 Southwest freeway #241 Houston, TX 77074

Web site: Kesharogers.com

Education background, including all degrees: B.A. Speech Communications & Political Science at Texas State University, 2001

Highlights of your current and past civic involvement: I have been engaged in a daily mass organizing effort of my fellow Texans and fellow Americans since 2002, to restore the rule of Constitutional law in promoting the life, liberty, and freedom to pursue a happy life, by crushing the post-9/11 dictatorship and its centralization of executive power, bailouts of Wall Street, and attacks on the middle class and the poor. In doing this, I go out to public areas all over Houston and Texas, and organize my fellow Americans, equipped with a table, literature, and real solutions. I am doing this not to merely point out the egregious abuses of both parties in their capitulation to Wall Street's genocidal austerity and looting, but to fight for the cause of human freedom and progress, to do what works to do the most good, on its own terms. A major aspect of this is the revival of Classical culture, which puts the immortal human mind at the front of our economy.

I regularly sing as a mezzo soprano with my own chorus, in the Classical bel canto tradition, at the scientific tuning of C=256. We host free concerts and street corner performances regularly. I regularly attend performances in Houston at the various orchestras, opera companies, and musical societies, and help bring new people to the Shakespeare at Winedale festival each year. I have done extensive outreach to scientific and educational institutions, and the population, to teach people why NASA is so important, how the technologies that “spin off" from its missions help improve everyday life.

Highlights of past civic involvement/accomplishment

2009-present: Organizing state legislatures across the nation, and in D.C. to restore the Glass-Steagall Act, crushing Wall Street's ability to speculate with and be bailed out with the commercial deposits of the American people. Our efforts on this has caused 25 states to introduce resolutions in their state legislatures, identical legislation introduced into the Congress and Senate, and countless endorsements by city councils, unions, Tea Party, and other groups. It is currently ready to be reenacted, now.

2007-2009: Organizing to protect society from the collapse of the mortgage backed securities bubble, by pushing legislation from the grassroots up to Congress for a moratorium on all foreclosures while the legitimate debts are sorted out from the worthless MBS and other financial instruments. Over 100 cities and a dozen states introduced or passed our legislation, demanding this action from Congress, which did not take it up.

2006-2008: Built Congressional and popular support for H.R. 333, to impeach Dick Cheney for his abuses of executive power, and organizing the Iraq War on fraudulent intelligence. This effort was stopped by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

2004-2007: Pushing national legislation to re-tool the auto industry, rather than shut down the factories and bail out their financial portfolios. This gained widespread support among unions, as well as non-union machinists.

2004: Exposed the fraud of George W. Bush's scheme to privatize Social Security, showing its precedent in Chile under the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet. This effort succeeded.

What in particular about your background, skills and experience makes you qualified for this office? I have the courage to tell the truth regardless of whether it is popular. I can do this because I locate my identity not in allegiance to just my self or my party, but in my moral responsibility to my fellow citizens and the world. I have put national principles over party loyalty for two elections, and that's why I won my primaries for U.S. Congress. I know from experience and the study of history, that universally true principles are knowable to the average mind, and that successful economies are built by living within the boundaries of these natural laws. Therefore, I can say with certainty that my policies will result in a higher standard of living, and other policies will not. No other candidate has demonstrated they understand this, and they are incapable or unwilling to tell the truth about Obama, or the economic crisis, and they do not have specific policies to put the nation back to work.

What are the highest priority issues that you plan to address? I am addressing the highest priority issues facing our state and the nation right now, and that is stopping the looting of the American people by a Wall-Street bail out and bail-in policy of austerity and hyperinflation. I am fighting for the immediate passage of the new Glass-Steagall Act. We are facing an immediate threat of thermonuclear war by a treasonous, Wall Street puppet President, with his finger on the nuclear button who must be impeached now. Once we address these immediate priorities, we can address anything from ridding the nation of mass-unemployment, water shortages, food shortages. The solutions are there in detail on my website www.Kesharogers.com/platform

Do you plan to limit the number of terms your would serve, and do you believe there should be term limits for the office you seek? When elected I will hold to my constitutional oath of office. I would encourage that if I fail in that duty that Constituents would do their job and vote me out. We live in a Constitutional republic, a representative body of the people. I will allow for the people to take action, but I do not agree with imposing arbitrary limits on the peoples' choice of representative, if he or she is doing a good job. If you want to insure that you will have elected officials that truly represent the people, do as I am doing and kick the Wall Street Control out of our Government.

Maxey Marie Scherr

No reply

Michael “Fjet” Fjetland

Age: 64

Occupation and/or your main source of income: President, Armor Glass International, Inc. It is a green+security company that sells a security window film that prevents breach of glass by burglars, tornadoes, hurricanes, solar heat, etc. Same film was used on DC federal buildings after 9/11.

City: Houston

Campaign phone number: 281-299-9576

Campaign email address: MichaelFjetland@gmail.com

Web site: www.FjetForSenate.com

Education background, including all degrees: High school degree; Tascosa High, Amarillo BS, Amarillo College BBA, Accounting, University of Texas at Austin ('72), JD with Honors Texas Tech ('75)

Highlights of your current and past civic involvement: Prior races for Congress against Tom DeLay, was Captain and Volunteer Pilot for U.S. Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol), member, Rotary Club International, helped campaign for Democrats since 1972, supported President Obama 2008, 2012.

What in particular about your background, skills and experience makes you qualified for this office? The US Senate is a job that requires knowledge of the global economy. i have negotiated in over 50 countries the past 30 years, from big business to small. I personally saw China go from behind us on my first trip as a young Fortune 500 negotiator in 1982 to in front of us when I went back in 2012 and rode the fastest train in the world — the MagLev.

What are the highest priority issues that you plan to address? Raising the minimum wage, improving education and training so Americans can fill the over 2 million high tech, high paying jobs available in the USA TODAY, but don't have the skills for. Chinese do. Indians do. I support improving Americans’ jobs skills to fill those jobs. We also must invest in our infrastructure - our bridges are about to collapse from neglect. China is about to have a brand new space station when ours is due for retirement. We have much to do.

Do you plan to limit the number of terms your would serve, and do you believe there should be term limits for the office you seek? One and done - then a new generation like the Castro brothers can go for it. I will be 70 at the end of the first term and believe it is time we got back to “Citizen Legislators” instead of these shallow career politicians like John Cornyn who has sat in public office since 1985 on the taxpayer dollar. I have been in the “real world” during that time - not the world of lobbyists and PAC's and talking points. Cornyn has sabotaged our future as well as Ted Cruz in the name of politics. I can afford to be honest that we are falling behind because I have nothing to lose by being honest. Americans needs to realize that we should be pulling together to beat the world instead of infighting and falling behind the world that I know, personally.

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