June 18, 2014

Arrest warrant issued for mail carrier who hit Yorkie with rock

A postal worker accused of shattering the small dog’s skull with a rock in May is being sought for felony animal cruelty.

Police obtained an arrest warrant for a mail carrier accused in May of fatally injuring a 10-pound Yorkshire terrier with a rock, shattering his skull and inflicting a severe spinal cord injury.

The postal worker, who faces a felony animal cruelty charge, has been on paid leave since the May 17 incident in Meadowbrook. The dog’s owner, Lawrence Brown, said Wednesday that he and his wife, Taiesha, want to see the carrier lose his job and spend time in jail.

“I want the maximum that can be given to him,” Lawrence Brown said.

The dog, Maxwell, was not on a leash and was across the street from the Browns’ house when he was hit with the rock. A veterinarian told the Browns that the dog was so badly injured he could not be saved, so Maxwell was euthanized.

Brown said that when he heard Maxwell yelp and confronted the mail carrier, the man told him he felt threatened by the dog and did what he had to do to protect himself. Brown doesn’t believe that.

“I understand what the law is about no leash, but our dog didn’t deserve to die,” Brown said. “He wasn’t aggressive. He was friendly and everybody played with him.”

Taiesha Brown has only recently begun to recover from losing the dog she’d had since he was 14 weeks old, her husband said.

“My wife isn’t ready to get another dog yet,” Brown said. “Next month, Maxwell would have been 5 years old. She’s just finally started eating and sleeping again. I was to the point I thought I would have to take her to the doctor.”

Fort Worth police Sgt. Raymond Bush confirmed that a warrant was issued in the case, but would not identify the person named in the warrant until an arrest is made.

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