Former Cowboys running back detained for observation

06/16/2014 4:09 PM

06/16/2014 4:15 PM

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber was detained by Mansfield police Sunday night and taken to a hospital for mental observation, police said Monday.

Barber, 31, was taken to a local hospital after patrol officers determined that he needed to go to a hospital, said Mansfield Officer Thad Penkala, a department spokesman, on Monday afternoon.

“This was not an arrest, but he may have had handcuffs on him if he was placed in a patrol car,” Penkala said.

Mansfield patrol officers responded to a disturbance call at Barber’s home about 8 p.m. Sunday in the 700 block of Moore Road in Mansfield. Police did not release any details on the call.

But a Mansfield police log indicated that Barber was arrested on an application for mental detention and observation. Generally, that type of call means a person is a danger to himself or to others, and police can take the person voluntarily or involuntarily to a hospital for observation.

Penkala said no injuries were reported.

“He was taken to a hospital and we wouldn’t know how long he would be there,” Penkala said.

Neighbors said Barber moved into the home on Moore Road just last month. The residence was the home of former Mansfield City Council member Larry Broseh .

On front gates of his home, Barber has large chains that are secured with locks on them.

“No one else in the neighborhood has chains or locks,” said one neighbor who spoke on the condition that her name not be used because she now fears Barber. “I know he might just want to be a private person, but I found it odd that he had those there.”

The neighbor noted that Barber has screamed at her younger brother, yelling that the 16-year-old who was outside with a pellet gun was terrorizing him. And just a few weeks ago, the neighbor said she stepped out to her backyard and saw Barber in his backyard, but he darted behind a wall as if to hide when he saw her.

“Most neighbors will just say hi and go on with their business,” the neighbor said. “He never said a word. He just hid.”

Barber played for the Cowboys from 2005 through 2010 and was known for his dreadlocks and bruising style of running. His best season was in 2007 when he rushed for 975 and 10 touchdowns.

He signed with the Chicago Bears in 2011, his last season in the NFL.

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