June 6, 2014

Burglary was first motive, triple slaying suspect told Fort Worth police

Cedric McGinnis Jr. told detectives that he shot all three women and then stabbed Cynthia Serrano after running out of ammunition, according to an Fort Worth arrest warrant affidavit.

The man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, her mother and aunt told police that he did so after his ex-girlfriend woke up and caught him stealing from her family’s south Fort Worth home, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Cedric D. McGinnis Jr. told investigators that 21-year-old April Serrano had let him into her bedroom window that night so that the two could have sex.

He also planned on burglarizing the house after everyone was asleep.

“Once he thought she was also asleep, he began to walk through the house, but April woke up,” states the affidavit, obtained by the Star-Telegram Friday.

McGinnis, 22, told police that he then shot April Serrano, her aunt Kathy DeLeon, 35; and her mother, Cynthia Serrano, 46, in the head.

Out of ammunition and with Cynthia Serrano still alive, McGinnis said he grabbed a knife to stab her, the affidavit states.

He then gathered electronic items, April Serrano’s tennis shoes and change from three piggy banks, stepping over her body near the front door as he took the items to his car.

The items were later recovered by police at his apartment.

McGinnis remained in the Mansfield jail Friday with bail set at $1.5 million. He faces a capital murder charge.

‘They killed my family!

James Serrano, husband of Cynthia Serrano, found the bodies Tuesday morning in the house in the 500 block of W. Felix Street when he arrived home from working a night shift.

“They killed my family!” he reportedly screamed to 911 dispatchers.

Police started looking for McGinnis for questioning after he was identified by family and a friend as an ex-boyfriend of April Serrano.

The friend told homicide Detective J. Cedillo that although Cynthia Serrano did not approve of McGinnis, April Serrano had started dating the man again.

Detectives Tom O’Brien and Matt Barron later located McGinnis at an apartment he shares with his wife in the 4200 block of Northern Cross Boulevard in Haltom City. He agreed to go with detectives to police headquarters for questioning, the affidavit states.

Initially, McGinnis said he had been at the house the night before the bodies were found. He said that he and April Serrano had sex and that when he left the house, all the women were alive, the affidavit states.

Police then took McGinnis back to his apartment where he directed them to a bedroom closet where he said clothes that he had been wearing while with April Serrano could be found.

Outside the closet door, O’Brien saw two flat screen televisions similar to those reported missing from the Serrano house.

McGinnis told O’Brien the televisions came from a neighbor about a month ago.

His wife, however, told the detective that her brother had given her the television a couple of days ago.

‘Ran out of ammunition’

McGinnis agreed to return to the police station for further questions.

This time, according to the affidavit, McGinnis gave police the following confession:

After April Serrano woke up and caught him stealing, McGinnis shot his ex-girlfriend in the back of the head with a revolver, followed by Kathy DeLeon, who had been asleep on the couch.

He said he then entered Cynthia Serrano’s bedroom, where he shot the woman twice.

“He ran out of ammunition and Cynthia was still alive,” the affidavit, written by Cedillo, states. “He then grabbed a knife and stabbed her multiple times until the knife was bent. He then grabbed a larger knife and stabbed her several more times.”

McGinnis told police he then left with valuables from the home, including two flat screen TVs, a DVD player, a laptop, iPad and Bluetooth speaker.

McGinnis’s wife told investigators that McGinnis had mentioned to her two days earlier his plans to rob April and her family when he knew James Serrano would not be home.

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