June 5, 2014

Johnson County deputies seize marijuana, arrest 2

Marijuana plants, processed pot found in a truck trailer and in a mobile home near Rio Vista, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department reports.

Deputies shut down a marijuana growing operation Thursday morning near Rio Vista in Johnson County after receiving a tip that residents had the plants in the trailer of an 18-wheeler.

Authorities seized 31 plants from the trailer and confiscated additional quantities of harvested and processed marijuana found in a trailer house on the property in the 800 block of County Road 1105 in Johnson County.

No dollar estimate of the operation was available, but deputies say it appeared to have had been running for a “long time.”

“The trailer was well hidden behind a shed in a grove of trees and was covered with camouflaged tarps,” said Johnson County Lt. Tim Jones in a Thursday news release. “The trailer was not visible from any angle and was accessed by way of a concealed door beside a shed.”

Two people were arrested at the scene and a third faces drug charges, Jones said.

Authorities raided the residence about 6:15 a.m. Thursday after authorities received the tip about a month ago that someone was growing marijuana.

Armed with a search warrant, deputies found the plants, which were being grown with artificial light.

Arrested at the scene were the homeowner Terry Wayne King, 58, and Trinity Scott Alexander, 27. King faces a charge of possession of marijuana of one to five pounds, a state jail felony. Alexander was accused of possession of marijuana under two ounces, a Class B misdemeanor. He also had several traffic warrants.

King’s 47-year-old wife was questioned and allowed to stay at the residence and she is expected to be arrested at a later date, Jones said.

Deputies and officers with the Stop the Offender Program Special Crimes Unit raided the residence.

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