Arlington police chief foils theft attempt

06/03/2014 2:16 PM

06/03/2014 2:17 PM

One would-be shoplifter thought he was getting away with a steal of a deal Monday until Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson foiled his grocery grab.

Johnson was shopping with his daughter at the Kroger at Pleasant Ridge Road and Green Oaks Boulevard when the store manager pulled him aside and said the man in line in front of him had concealed some groceries and appeared to be shoplifting, said Lt. Christopher Cook, a police spokesman.

“Nothing like stopping @ grocery store w/ your daughter when the manager runs up & tells you there is a shoplifter right in front of you. Nice,” Johnson posted on his Facebook page and Twitter account after the encounter.

Johnson confronted the man and escorted him to the manager’s office, where he returned the groceries, police said. Because the man didn’t leave the store with the items, police did not issue him a citation. But an officer did give him a criminal-trespassing warning that forbids him to return to that location for a year.

“Theft prevented. Property recovered. Daughter & bystanders safe, Crisis averted. Wheew!” the chief posted.

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