December 27, 2013

Dallas man fatally shot by police after standoff in Colleyville

A man who had threatened his mother, a Colleyville resident, refused to talk to police who thought he might be holding a daughter hostage, police said Friday. John Lincoln came out the front door and pointed a gun at officers, who shot him, police said.

A Dallas man was fatally shot by North Richland Hills SWAT officers Thursday night after a 2 1/2-hour standoff at the man’s mother’s house in Colleyville, police reported.

John Lincoln, 49, came out the front door, yelled obscenities and pointed a handgun at officers, who shot him, police said.

Officers had been sent to the house in the 4100 block of Lexington Parkway in Colleyville at 7:10 p.m. Thursday after a 911 caller said a man was threatening his mother.

When officers arrived, they reported that they could see through windows an armed man and a younger woman, who was later identified as Lincoln’s 18-year-old daughter.

Initially, the man would not pick up a phone to speak with police, but he did open the front door and waved his handgun and yelled obscenities, Colleyville Police Chief Mike Holder said .

SWAT officers from the North Tarrant Regional SWAT unit and North Richland Hills SWAT were called. They surrounded the house.

Later, the man answered the phone but only to yell obscenities and hang up.

When he stepped out of the door a little before 10 p.m., and “leveled” a gun at officers, they shot him, Holder said.

Lincoln was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, where he was pronounced dead.

Holder said officers recognized Lincoln’s name and his mother’s address from previous domestic violence calls going back to 2000. In those encounters, the family told police that Lincoln was mentally ill and was on medication, Holder said.

“Obviously, we were dealing with an unstable individual, and his actions were what they were,” Holder said.

Late Friday, police were still investigating how many shots were fired and whether Lincoln fired at police.

Three North Richland Hills officers were placed on administrative leave pending a review of the shooting. The officers have been with the department for six, seven and 13 years, said Investigator Keith Bauman, a spokesman for North Richland Hills police.

Colleyville police are leading the investigation with help from Texas Rangers and the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department, he said.

Account disputed

A woman who identified herself as Kimberly Sharif, a sister of Lincoln, disputed the police account of shooting. She said that during the standoff, she was a safe distance away trying to help officers get through to her brother. “He felt attacked,” she said.

The officers went into the house and shot Lincoln in front of his daughter, Sharif said.

“It should have been handled differently,” Sharif said. “He needed help, not a bullet.”

She said Lincoln was with his father in Dallas when he threatened to harm his mother. Lincoln’s mother was not at her Colleyville home, but Lincoln’s teenage daughter, who lives with her grandmother, was there.

Sharif said the daughter was not a hostage.

“She let him in,” Sharif said. “She was never in any danger. I told the police that over and over.”

The police investigation of the shooting will include determining whether it was a hostage situation, Holder said.

“We had an armed subject in a house with a person and we weren’t able to have conversations with either of those to determine what was going on,” Holder said.

“We had to go with the assumption at the time that it was not a friendly situation.”

Holder said the daughter was near Lincoln when he was shot.

Bauman said the information he had was that Lincoln was outside when he was shot but fell back inside.

The daughter was with relatives Friday, Bauman said.

Bauman said officers are trained to protect their lives and the lives of civilians and do not have to be fired on first to shoot.

“Obviously it’s not the result that we wanted. We want all of these incidents to end in a peaceful manner,” Holder said. “Every indication was that the final result was because of the actions that the subject took.”

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