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Dear Editor,

On Monday, May 18, early voting began for the Primary Runoff, and it is important that you vote in this election.

We have four statewide positions, our State Board of Education and Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3 on the Parker County ballot.

The Parker County Republican Party invited all candidates that will be on your ballot to the Parker County Courthouse for a candidate forum on Tues., May 13. With the invitation, I asked each candidate what they see as the compelling reasons for you to vote for them and the objectives that they have for 2015. Not all candidates responded, but I am sharing what I received.

From Lt. Governor David Dewhurst:

Here are three compelling reasons to vote for David Dewhurst.

•  Cut taxes 54 times.
• Served as the most pro life Lt. Governor in Texas history.
•  Protected the integrity of our elections by passing tough ID laws.
•  Kept regulation and spending low, creating the third most frugal state in the country and the number one state for business and job creation.

Here are three objectives identified by Lt. Governor Dewhurst for the 2015 Legislative Session:

• Drug testing for welfare recipients.
• Making permanent-operation strong safety/securing the border.
•  Property tax reform with zero based budgeting.

From Wayne Christian for Railroad Commissioner:

Three Compelling Reasons to Vote for Wayne Christian

• Proven record of fighting for the conservative values Texans care about. Most politicians go to Austin and forget who sent them there, all of the watchdog groups have ranked Wayne as a top conservative leader because he walked the walk and voted right.
• Relevant Experience for the Position: The Railroad Commission is a regulatory body, Wayne is the only candidate in the race with regulatory experience. Additionally, he has a record of fighting against the tax-increases and excessive regulations that kill jobs within the industry. He also is the only candidate in this race with no conflicts of interest.
• Experience fighting the Federal Government: One of the greatest challenges facing the Texas Energy sector over the next decade will be mandates from the EPA and other Federal Agencies. According to the Heritage Foundation, several EPA rules being pushed right now will likely cost the U.S. over 600,000 jobs and a $2.23 TRILLION hit to GDP by the year 2023. Additionally, the Obama Administration has gone rogue with the Endangered Species Act, listing every reptile, bird and plant it can justify to prevent Domestic production and push forward their “green” agenda. Wayne has fought the Federal Government on issues ranging from chicken manure restrictions to filing legislation to stop the implementation of Obamacare in Texas

Top 3 objectives of Wayne Christian for 2015

•  Streamline the permitting process and ensure responsible Texans are able to produce energy and create jobs.
• Protect Texas from an overreaching Federal Government.
• Keep Texas on the path to energy independence.

From State Board of Education Pat Hardy:

Three compelling reasons to vote for Pat Hardy for the SBOE

• Highly qualified. With 44 years of work in the field of education Pat Hardy brings an expertise in every aspect of education such as standards, accountability, textbooks, etc.
• Well connected and well respected. Grounded in a deep understanding of the dynamics of education and Austin, Pat engages key people in education, including policy makers, professional organizations, vendors and education non-profits.
•  Proven advocate. Ms. Hardy volunteers countless hours of time and exerts enormous energy addressing issues in her district and statewide that strengthen and improve Texas public schools

Three objectives of Pat Hardy for 2015 if elected

• Complete a thorough review of Social Studies Textbooks (Proclamation 2015)
• Revise the English Language Arts standards (TEKS) to be the best in the nation
• Keep the Permanent School Fund on the same positive track that has made it the highest performing fund in the state for the past three years

From State Board of Education candidate Eric Mahroum:

Three compelling reasons to vote for Eric Mahroum for the SBOE

• I bring a fresh voice conservative voice to the table.
• My financial and budgeting background skills will be very useful when managing the permanent school fund.
•  I will be a voice for students, parents and teachers.

Three objectives of Eric Mahroum for 2015 if elected

•  Build on and protect the permanent school fund.
• School choice- have more options for parents in regards to how they wish to educate their child. I will not vote against a charter school that has proven results.
•  Focus more on vocational studies

From Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 candidate Dusty Vinson:

Three compelling reasons to vote for Dusty Vinson for JP3

• I have the temperament to hear all sides of an issue and apply the law in a far way to all parties.
•  I have formal education that prepares me for the JP position.
• I have the experience with law enforcement, the application of the law, and with people to deal with cases in the JP3 court.

Three objectives of Dusty Vinson for 2015 if elected

•  Enhance the cross training for employees.
• Encourage the County JP’s to adopt alternative payment tools for citizens including kiosks that may be strategically placed to allow fines to be paid at key places including driver’s license and auto registration locations.
• Transform the law library from the traditional books to an electronic library to save taxpayer dollars.

Early voting is May 19th through May 23rd. Election day is Tuesday, May 27th. Your voice matters, and each of us needs to vote to make sure we have the best candidate available for each of the offices. If you have questions, please give me a call at 817-594-5029. If you need times or locations for voting, please go to parkertxgop.org, call me, or call the Elections Office at 817-598-6185. Thanks for voting.

Zan Prince,

Parker County Republican Chairman,


Get out and vote

Dear Editor,

On a recent May Saturday, polls had been open for an hour or so and we who are active in the Parker County political arena were excited for the day to become a historic improvement in the political process of Parker County.

To my dismay, and others', I might add, after the polls closed and information was shared, I have to say I'm embarrassed, disgusted, hurt - well, I could go on and on - at the apathy within both Republican and Democratic parties in our very own Parker County, not to mention the USA! Our county is one of the fastest growing counties in Texas! And, yet, so few people voted; I can only hope the percentages are not publicized. Let me give you one example: In the March 4 election, Precinct 435, Aledo (growth beyond belief and surrounding areas with thousands of legal voters) had ONLY 189 voters. In the May election only 3 percent of all registered Parker County voters cast their ballots. Are you humbled, embarrassed? If you didn't vote, you should be! We're you at a soccer game, night club, dinner with friends, etc.? Early voting was created for just those excuses.

In actuality, you gave your hard-earned salary, some of it paid as taxes, to the power of 189 voters in March and only 3 percent of all voters in May. Those FEW people chose the individuals who will use your funds as they (the elected officials) determine. Do you give away your salary so easily to others? Some offices should have changed management, some should have stayed the same; but, you lost your HONOR to make your wishes known. And, yes, voting is an HONOR, not a right. You should be a proud American who cherishes each and every honor bestowed upon us and that includes voting.

Next time you start to complain about our government, whether it's local or national, STOP! You don't have the "right" to complain, unless you exercise the "honor" to vote!

Proudly American!

Elyse Carter

Vote Anne Hollis for Justice of the Peace Precinct #3

Dear Editor,

I’m dedicated to God, family and the community and am a conservative Christian who is a true believer in God, all the time. I am a 33- year resident of Weatherford/Parker County and have seen a lot changes, some good and some not;I want positive changes and to help Parker County improve for the citizens.

Being a 22-year member of Greenwood Baptist Church has brought me to become a strong believer in God. He guides us and leads us to where he wants us to go, in his time. I have been with my husband John, for 18 years, we have four children, two grandbabies (one more on the way) plus we have taken in family, friends and raised a few nieces and nephews. I believe in being a friend, all the time, not just when it’s convenient.

My 20-year dedication to the Parker County Sheriff’s Office, with a Master Peace Officer Certification, proves I am very qualified, have exceptional work ethics, integrity, honesty and commitment. I have held many different roles Patrol Supervisor, Advanced Crime Scene Investigator, Advanced Fingerprint Comparator, Family Violence Investigator, Property Crimes, Fugitive unit, Narcotics Unit, Civil Processing, School Resource Officer and Juvenile Investigator, which all of these play a vital role in hearing minor civil and criminal matters as Justice of the Peace.

I have educational, hands-on and life experiences with the business community, law enforcement and issues that impact parents and will base my decisions from the facts at hand. I am approachable and will listen to what people have to say. I don’t give up or quit because life gets tough, I see it through and inspire others to become more, do more, achieve more and I believe in equal opportunity for all to succeed.

I didn’t just start giving back to the community; I have been involved for the past 20 years. My past and present service shows that I care about people and will continue to work for the people. I believe that community involvement is important for our community leaders. Past Community Involvement - Pythian Sisters, 15 years of WISD Parent Teacher Association (PTA) President-Vice President-Fundraiser & Membership, Weatherford Soccer Association Coach & Referee, Boy Scouts of America Volunteer, Theatre Off The Square Executive Board, Crime Stoppers Executive Board, Freedom House Executive Board, Relay for Life & Susan G Komen For the Cure. Current Community Involvement – Rotary Club of Weatherford, Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, Busch Legacy Republican Woman, Noon Lions Club of Weatherford, Parker County Republican Woman.

I want to design a program to help our senior citizens, disabled, non-profit organizations, animal rescue shelters and the community. This program will benefit everyone and give back to those who helped build this country. A leader does not knock people down, a leader brings people up.

Another of my objectives will be to take a look at the current court process, see about having court more often and considering evening court to expedite cases and to better work around Citizens and Attorney’s schedule. Having been a small business owner, I have a unique insight into the challenges of owning and operating a small business. I understand how difficult it can be when you’re owed money and need it to make payroll or pay the electric, this is where I will make every attempt to get cases into the court faster so the small business owner and Citizens can see results.

I will implement Teen Court program, which is a program that is designed to allow responsible teens to participate in all aspects of the judicial system. This will help our future leaders become more educated and be productive citizens.

This is what Leaders of Community have to say:

“I can't imagine anyone better qualified for this position than Anne Hollis. She offers the best law enforcement mixed with a healthy dose of compassion and strength." Greenwood Baptist Church Pastor Brian Bond

"I have known Anne for a very long time. She will bring wisdom, experience, professionalism and compassion to the Justice System. Her personal commitment of a model citizen, a mom and a Texas Leader makes her the best choice." Business Owner Bob Tallman

"The ambition and desire Anne has to help people will be beneficial; she is dedicated and will work for the people!" Karate Grandmaster Bob Nuttall

Remember, there is power in numbers, and when we vote and get our family members to vote, we can truly make a difference. If you don’t vote for what you believe in, others will – and you may not like the outcome.

Thank you for your vote and support. Anne Hollis for Parker County Justice of the Peace Precinct #3.

Anne Hollis,


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