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February 11, 2014

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Please join me in voting for Sen. John Cornyn in the March primary. Sen. Cornyn has served Texans and the United States with a commitment to our conservative values. He is a rock solid advocate for resisting the Affordable Care Act, controlling assaults on our after tax income, and defending our country from all assaults, both foreign and domestic. Sen. Cornyn has worked relentlessly to accomplish the goals of our country that are important to all Americans. He conducts himself with dignity and determination, which reflects our Texas values. Please check his voting record and I believe you will find a conservative worth supporting.

In a Fox News interview, Sen. Ted Cruz said his efforts have been to “put light on” the president and his administration’s offenses against the country. Light may help with campaigns against liberals, but taking control will be the only way to stop the loss of our constitutional liberties. I’m tired of those who choose to divide the conservative moment and I believe our country will survive only if we stand together.

Let’s re-elect Sen. John Cornyn and help conservative Republicans get elected all over the country. Then we will have given Sen. Cruz and other conservatives the tools to investigate and prosecute these criminals trying to destroy our way of life as a free republic.

Primary early voting starts on Tues., Feb. 18. If you need information on where you vote, check out the polling locations at Please vote early, and please join me in voting to re-elect Sen. John Cornyn.

Mike Prince


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