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September 2, 2014

Grapevine Craft Brewery on tap for city location

Construction is slated to begin in September.

Grapevine Craft Brewery received approval from the City Council Aug. 19 for a downtown brewery project featuring outdoor seating to be built one block off Main Street.

Construction is expected to begin this month with a planned opening in February.

The new business, located in the 900 block of Jean Street, will consist of more than 10,200 square feet, including 1,500 square feet of retail space for a taproom with a second level and an additional 2,800 square feet of outdoor space for a beer garden.

After the presentation, Councilwoman Duff O’Dell said, “It looks like it will be a successful addition, if approved, to Grapevine.”

It passed unanimously.

“It’s really happening, owner Gary Humble said the next day.

Several years ago, Humble tapped into the home brew craze and made some for friends and family.

He did it for fun, but friends convinced him to do it for profit.

And the seed of the idea to tap into the successful area wine market for Grapevine Craft Brewery was born.

He had been producing his product in Farmers Branch. However, that will cease and Grapevine Craft Brewery will host all operations in Grapevine, Hunble said.

“The are no more barriers for this project, and we are now full steam ahead, after almost two years of planning,” said Humble, 35. “Though we faced many trials and much time has passed, great things have come out of this period of waiting.”

Humble said the property to the north, adjacent to the land the business already owned, came up for sale with an existing 6,000 square foot building and frontage on Dallas Road.

“We were able to acquire that property and expand our project from under 7,000 square feet to over 10,000 square feet,” Humble said.

He said they also were able to more than double the available parking which was critical to the accessibility of the taproom and beer garden space.

“We can’t thank our neighbors and the surrounding community enough for their generosity and support of our brewery, yes ‘our’ community’s brewery,” Humble said.

Humble’s journey began with his move to Texas about six years ago. He and his wife, Andrea, settled in Grapevine and immediately fell in love with it.

“Grapevine is so endearing,” Humble, adding that he has engaged himself in the community though his appointment as a Parks and Recreation Department board member.

He recalled how he and his wife had tried for years to start a family. Their move to Grapevine was followed by the October 2011 birth of son Grant. Evan was born in March 2013.

“I said, ‘This is where we’re going to raise a family,’ ” Humble said.

He quickly became enamored of his new hobby: home brewing.

He considered himself an entrepreneur and found a way to meld his hobby and hopes for a better life for his growing family.

The city was a great choice for a business, he said, “because Grapevine has a big push to be a destination community.”

“We’re not just brewing beer,” he said. “We’re giving people another reason to come to Grapevine.”

Humble declined to say why his beer is so special, joking that there is “some special Grapevine sauce in there.”

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