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September 2, 2014

Grapevine board and commission appointees announced

More than four dozen people were chosen.

City leaders announced numerous appointments to the various boards and commissions at the City Council’s Aug. 19 meeting.

On the city’s website, the group of appointees were recognized with the following statement regarding the City Council’s appointments “to the city’s many boards and commissions.”

“We would like to thank these volunteers for their willingness to give their time, energy and expertise to serve the community and assist in the programs which help maintain the quality of life we enjoy in our city,” the statement said.

The appointments were:

4B Economic Development Corporation: Cory Halliburton, Martin Honeycutt, Dave Simon.

Animal Shelter Advisory Committee: Ronald Hudson, municipal officer; and Joy Mayo, citizen.

Board of Zoning Adjustment: George Dalton, Debbie Holt, Robert Rainwater, Ken White and Jason Bentley (alternate) 2015.

Building Board of Appeals: Howard “Clint” Hallman, master electrician; Joe Lipscomb, building contractor; and Russell Kidd, master plumber.

Convention and Visitors Bureau Board: Cynthia L. Blankenship, bank president/owner; Jim Quinn, hotel representative; Joseph C. Szymaszek (chairman), major retailer; Mark A. Terpening; Debi Meek (alternate) 2015.

Golf Course Advisory Board: Louis Capone, Tom Kormondy and Danny F. Langley.

Health Officer: Andrew Kilgus.

Grapevine Heritage Foundation: Ross Bannister; Janet Perkins; Curtis Ratliff (chairman); Melva Stanfield; Balla Wright, business owner; and Don Vaughn, business owner 2015.

Historic Preservation Commission: Ashley Anderson, Burl Gilliam, Margaret Telford, Ted Ware and Chuck Voelker (alternate) 2015.

Housing Authority Board of Commissioners: Randy Bacon and Karen Rice.

Library Board: Susan Peabody, Bruce W. Rider and Fred Sheffler.

Parks and Recreation Board: Dave Buhr, Raymond Harris, Gary Humble, Roy Robertson and John Dalri (chairman).

Planning and Zoning Commission: Jimmy Fechter 2017, Larry Oliver 2017, Dennis Luers (alternate) 2015 and Theresa Mason (alternate) 2015.

Senior Citizens Advisory Board: Kay Blanding, Paul Ernst, Alexander Graham and Dick Guckel (chairman).

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