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August 19, 2014

OU grad from Grapevine writes college tip book for freshman

Page Grossman said she sacrificed hours of sleep to have a successful college life.

Page Grossman has a few tips for incoming college students.

One hundred one to be exact.

The Grapevine resident co-wrote Welcome to College! 101 Ways to Rock Your World, a new book filled with advice for those in and entering the world of higher education.

“I was terrified when I went to college. I never had such a stomachache as when I moved into the dorm,” said Grossman, recalling her first day at the University of Oklahoma. “I wish I had something to say, ‘It’s going to be OK.’ ”

Grossman, 23, wrote most of the tips, which include a mix of academic and social:

• Figure out what kind of learner you are.
• Give back to your community.
• Use protection.

Grossman came up with the first 75 on her own, but sought feedback from friends to get a variety of perspectives.

She said embracing the word “yes” is her most important advice.

“College is the time to start experiencing new things. Unless you say yes you'll never see anything new,” she said. “The whole point of being here is making friends and learning things, not just doing homework.”

Grossman graduated from Colleyville Heritage High School in 2009 and from OU in 2013 with bachelor’s degrees in journalism and art history. She also worked part time and was involved in a multitude of activities.

Grossman co-wrote the book with Houston radio personality and motivational speaker Dayna Steele as part of Steele’s Rock Your World series, books that focus on being successful, in everyday life, on the golf course — or in college.

Steele said working with Grossman was a delight and her collegiate track record helped her land the co-author spot.

“Looking at her college career, to be able to do what she did and get two degrees, I knew she was a successful college student,” Steele said.

Grossman said college is also about making choices, such as how much time to sleep.

“I would love to say that I did college perfectly, but sleep was always where I sacrificed,” she confessed. “I would rather have fun and get my homework done than get eight hours of sleep.”

Since graduating, Grossman has worked as a freelance writer, a choice she said that allows her the freedom to travel. Grossman has traveled with her family and studied abroad, visiting 13 countries in three months.

She encourages students to try to see the world.

“It’s one of those things you may never get the opportunity to do again,” she said.

Page’s mother, Lisa Grossman, said her daughter always has been involved in activities and is strong-willed, but not in a difficult way.

“She’s always the happiest when she’s busy,” Lisa Grossman said. “She’s very tender-hearted and empathetic, but also strong and dedicated to the task at hand.”

Page dedicated the book to her father, Richard Grossman, who died of a heart attack before her second semester of college. She and her father flew airplanes together and she kept one of his phrases close to her heart to get through college.

“One of his favorite phrases was ‘Land on the numbers every time,’ referring to the numbers on the approach end of the runway,” she said. “He meant that I should aim to do my very best at all times. It’s a lesson that has pushed me to work hard even when I get tired and stressed.”

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