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June 23, 2014

Colleyville splashpad closed

Water restrictions put the park feature on ice.

For the second summer in a row the city’s splashpad at McPherson Park remains closed.

The popular summer amenity, which shoots and sprays water, is out of commission due to the Tarrant Regional Water District’s Stage 1 water restrictions.

“We’re exploring options to allow us to operate the splashpad even during drought restrictions,” Parks manager James Hubbard said.

He added that the city is looking for a feasible way to offer water entertainment on the pad that would use less water for future summers.

When in operation, normally from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the splash pad uses a million gallons of water a month.

The splashpad opened in 2010 and was in use during the summer for three summers before water restrictions closed the city’s only water-based parks feature in June 2013.

Colleyville spokeswoman Mona Gandy said that the splashpad is not losing money while inoperable.

Hubbard said he has heard few complaints, but explained that the city holds itself to the same standards that it holds its residents in terms of water-usage responsibility.

In addition to the splashpad the drought restrictions have pushed the city to be more conservative with its play field watering. Hubbard said the city uses more hand-water and is performing irrigation projects to maximize water-usage efficiency.

“We are currently doing irrigation projects around the city to maximize the conservation of water, but at the same time offer excellent playing surfaces,” he said.

Hubbard said those interested in personal water activities can engage in their personal pools or slip and slides, which are allowed under restrictions.

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