Glade Road project to move forward in Colleyville

06/23/2014 3:51 PM

06/23/2014 3:51 PM

A decision to focus first on a segment of Glade Road from Bransford Road to Manning Drive means work could start by 2015 one of the most congested parts of the main city thoroughfare.

Council members also decided at their June 17 meeting to continue discussions until a consensus is reached on the rest of the 10-year, $20 million project. The council disagrees on issues including whether a sidewalk and trail should be installed and whether to fully reconstruct the failing road.

The concept plan calls for the addition of left-hand turn lanes, a roundabout to the Bransford intersection and removes the three-way stop at Bluebonnet Drive.

“This is the one I've been pushing the hardest is the one we seem to have an agreement on,” Mayor Pro Tem Mike Taylor said. “I think that has the biggest bang for the buck for mobility and our economic development.”

About 30 residents people attended the meeting and seven people spoke against the project. Residents are most concerned about losing property and trees if a trail and sidewalk are put in. The initial proposal called for acquiring as many as 85 parcels for right-of-way.

Recently elected council member Chris Putnam, who opposes the trail and sidewalk, said agreeing to move forward with a portion of the project is his compromise.

“I do want to solve the traffic flow,” he said.

Mayor David Kelly said he is confident a consensus can be reached.

“I think we'll be able to find a viable solution that will still work within existing right of way and still provide the roadway and pedestrian amenities that the community of Colleyville wants,” he said.

TransSystems project manager Chad Gartner presented three options for pedestrians: a 5-foot-wide sidewalk on the road’s south side and a 10-foot trail on the north; 5-foot sidewalks on both sides; or an 8-foot sidewalk on only the south side.

Putnam favored a walkway on only one side of the road to minimize impact on nearby residents.

Kelly said he was concerned about pedestrians having to cross the busy street to access sidewalks.

Judy Chappell, a 7-year resident on Glade Road, said she crosses the street daily without any problems. Her major concern is losing part of her front yard.

“We’re not opposed to improving the street or traffic flow,” she said. “Put a sidewalk on the south side.”

The city staff plans to present the council with a contract for TranSystems to design the section at the next council meeting.

“That was always the plan to move forward with that part of the project because it's the most critical,” Kelly said. “Bluebonnet and Bransford cause the most bottleneck.”

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