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June 16, 2014

Colleyville Center may change pricing

Center leadership aims to package equipment with rental rates.

The Colleyville Center may have new weekday prices come October.

Colleyville Center Manager Leslie Hill proposed a pricing change for customers to City Council at the June 3 meeting that, if approved, would go into effect in Oct. 1.

Hill said the change reflects customers’ suggestions that the current a la carte method for services, in addition to the rental fee, is ineffective for budgeting.

“What we’re hearing is they feel they’re being nickeled and dimed by the Center,” Hill said.

The change switches the center’s pricing model from offering equipment a la carte to packaging equipment and rental rates together, lessening confusion and unexpected fees for customers.

The packages would include rental fees with audio/video equipment, linens, stage lighting, podiums and microphones.

Mayor Pro Tem Mike Taylor agreed the change would eliminate any misunderstanding in pricing.

Hill said prices will increase 50 percent to include services. For non-Colleyville residents or businesses renting the building for eight hours costs $1,200 today, that price increases to $1,800 if City Council approves the change. Colleyville residents and businesses receive a 20 percent rate discount.

The switch only applies to weekday usage and does not effect non-profit and civic organizations. Hill said that most weekend events are weddings that rent the venue but for the most part bring in their own music service with its own audio services.

City Council will vote on the rate change this summer and Hill expects it to go into effect on Oct. 1. She said events booked before that date will be grandfathered into the current rates.

Hill said the change will have minimal impact to the center’s revenue.

“The way it’s structured right now, I do not foresee it having a huge impact on our revenue,” she said. “We just collapsed what they were already paying for.”

The center hosted 380 events in 2013.

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