Park Village changes mean less trees

05/28/2014 9:23 AM

05/28/2014 9:24 AM

The Park Village shopping center still plans to open in November despite recently approved changes to the site plan.

The City Council approved a change to the shopping center, which sits on the corner of Southlake Boulevard and South Carroll Avenue, by a vote of 5-2 at the May 20 meeting.

Council members were concerned about the developers’ request to lower the number of trees from the proposed site plan that the Council approved in October 2013 from 819 to 624 trees.

Woodmont Co. Chairman Stephen Coslik said the change is needed because utilities make it impossible to place trees in certain areas, something the company did not know before the October proposal.

“We had restrictions that we were not aware of that we probably should have been aware of from utility companies,” Coslik told the Council. “Shame on us. We presented something that maybe we should not have presented at that time because we did not have all the knowledge.”

The city’s Public Works staff confirmed that the originally approved plan would not work, which did not sit well with council members Randy Williamson and Gary Fawks, who opposed the revisions.

“It just does not seem like it should be our responsibility to find the mistakes,” Williamson said. “This is a huge development for us for decades and decades, I feel handcuffed.”

Mayor John Terrell said while having changes to an approved plan gives him heartburn, he does see some positive from working with the developer including buried utilities.

“Shame on you. That means we’re trying to do things to mitigate and make up for the mistake,” Terrell told Coslik. “Part of that now is your willingness to improve the pavement to make up for some of the landscaping.”

Other changes to compromise for the tree loss include more enhanced pavement, choosing proper trees and choosing trees with a larger canopy.

Coslik said it has been great working with the city. The development will bring The Fresh Market specialty grocer, sporting goods store REI and more.

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