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May 5, 2014

Grapevine girls complete first-ever appearance at state

Golf Head coach Bryan Humphreys said the accomplishment highlighted how the program more than achieved its goals this season.

The Grapevine golf program accomplished something it had never done in school history this season when the girls team advanced to the state tournament.

Coach Bryan Humphreys said he was quite happy with the season as a whole and said that the future seems to be very bright, indeed, for both the girls and boys teams.

“For the boys, this is the third consecutive year they have won the district championship,” Humphreys said. “It is also the third consecutive year that we have had the boys individual district champion. For the girls, we made the regional tournament and qualified for state for the first time in school history.

“We also have a two time individual champion in junior Kyle Corey. It's really been a fabulous year, and I know that the kids are proud of it. To put so much heart and effort into it as they did, and to see it pay off, brings a lot of pride to them and their parents and obviously our school.”

Humphreys said he believes his team more than accomplished its goals for the season.

“When we finished last season, we believed that we would have a strong chance of making it to the state tournament for both the boys and the girls,” Humphreys said. “You could see how they had grown over the last couple of years. We were very senior-laden, and we went out there with the goals of winning district, qualifying for region and making it to the state tournament.

“The boys missed it by eight shots. They finished fifth, which was a great showing. The girls played two consecutive days out in Lubbock to get to state. We met our expectations and exceeded them by being able to take a team to the state tournament.”

Humphreys said that he hopes his players take away a couple of things from this season.

“I'm hoping they get some great memories out of this,” Humphreys said. “A lot of these kids put so much time and effort into trying to be the best they can, and these lessons that they've learned are going to go far beyond the golf course.

“They're going to help them as they get into life as mothers and fathers or husbands and wives,” he said. “We try to mention all the time about how the things they do here go a long way towards making them a better human being, and that's our hope.”

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