Southlake council rejects proposed housing addition

03/10/2014 1:10 PM

03/10/2014 1:11 PM

Southlake residents applauded as the City Council denied a residential development proposal for Remington Estates at its March 4 meeting.

Council rejected the plan without prejudice to bring the low- and medium-density housing project to the proposed location on Shady Lane, just north of the Highway 114 frontage road.

After the decision, neighbors who opposed the development congregated outside the council chambers.

“I’m relieved,” said Helen Clary. “I think in due time, the right project will come through.”

During the public hearing, 20 people spoke in opposition, and an additional 10 recorded opposition but did not speak.

Neighbors sited traffic, drainage and density concerns. The project’s developers requested a land change plan for a portion of the development from low to medium density.

Jennifer Aufricht said she believed the Council listened to the residents’ concerns when it denied the development unanimously.

Denying the project without prejudice allows the developer to return through the Planning and Zoning and City Council process within a year.

“It may not quite fit the character of this particular area, but I want to say you've done an excellent job listening to us,” Mayor John Terrell told developer Tom Matthews.

Terrell later said Matthews has the chance to work with council members and neighboring residents to help make a future project happen.

Matthews said he plans to re-analyze the property that is landlocked with homes to the north and west, commercial to the south and Grapevine homes to the east.

Neighboring resident Joe Bayer said denying the project is just a “temporary Band-aid.”

“If the developer of this development spent one evening on my back patio, they would make it against the law to add a neighborhood like they’re proposing here,” he told the Council. “We would give up the quietness, the animals, the birds.

“We don’t need it.”

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