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February 3, 2014

Grapevine's Daddy/Daughter dance features Wizard of Oz theme

Grapevine hosted a dance-filled trip to Oz to commemorate Valentine’s Day.

Seven-year-old Claire Boyette started a month ago hinting to her father, Adam, about a return engagement to the annual Daddy/Daughter Valentine’s Dance in his boyhood hometown.

“Claire gets so excited about it she can hardly go to sleep,” said Boyette, a structural engineer and father of two. “It’s almost as big a deal as Santa Claus.”

The big deal is the city’s annual holiday dance, which Boyette has been taking his only daughter to since she was a toddler.

This year’s theme was an Evening In OZ, which was held on Saturday. There were two dances, the first from 4-6 p.m. for daughters ages infant to 7, and the second afterward for daughters ages 8 on up.

Held at the Grapevine Communities Activities Center, the night included dancing, dinner, desserts, hot pink Hummer limo rides, a yellow brick riddle road, costumed characters, karaoke and crafts.

Boyette said his daughter enjoyed being swept away to a magical place that featured witches, wonder and the great and powerful Oz.

Boyette is a longtime patron of the Grapevine event, having taken his niece there since she was little. Now 13, Morgan Boyette begs off because she has other interests.

Although Adam’s immediate family includes his wife, Sarah, and son, 5-year-old Paul, Boyette, only he and his daughter shared the special night.

“It’s fun to get all dressed up really fancy and spend a couple of a couple of hours dancing,” said Boyette, a graduate of Grapevine High School. “I can’t dance, but I do.”

Boyette’s parents, Sarita and Stan Boyette of Grapevine, think the dance is a great idea.

“It’s fun for little girls to have something special to do with their daddies and other family members,” Claire’s grandmother said. “One picture we have of Claire is with the Disney princesses when she was little. She had tears in her eyes.”

Claire, who wore a black dress and pink jacket and sported curled hair and red painted fingernails, said her highlights were the limo ride and pinning the heart on the tin man.

“Everything’s a ball,” said Claire, a second-grader at Bruce Shulkey Elementary School in Fort Worth.

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