Southlake Journal

January 6, 2014

Southlake residents to see water rate increase

The city purchases its water from the city of Fort Worth, which had to raise its prices this year.

Southlake residents can expect an increase in their water bill this year.

The city buys its water from Fort Worth, which decided increased its water rate in 2014.

Southlake residents will see a 12 percent increase for the first 40,000 consumed gallons and a 16 percent increase for further consumption.

A major part of the increase comes from the need to create new water infrastructure in the Tarrant Regional Water District’s Integrated Pipeline project, according to the recommendations from Fort Worth’s 2013 Informal Water and Wastewater Retail Rate Structure Advisory Committee.

The project will bring water from Cedar Creek and Richland Chambers reservoirs to Tarrant by 2020, which is needed for the areas growth.

“Due largely to this project, raw water costs are expected to double over the next decade,” the report reads.

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