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January 6, 2014

Colleyville fruits of labor bloom in 2014

Residential developments and Whole Foods will appear this year.

Mayor David Kelly says the city will see plenty of change in the new year.

The city will see the fruits of planning from City Council meetings as developments, both commercial and residential, begin to spring up in the city, he said.

“I think it’s probably going to be a very good growth year,” Kelly said. “In both the economical and residential standpoint it will be a very good year in Colleyville.”

Many of the residential developments the City Council passed in the previous year will become available lots, and specialty grocer Whole Foods will open.

The city has called the Whole Foods development a game changer. Its presence has changed the market for Colleyville and more retailers have shown interest in the Northeast Tarrant city, Kelly said.

There also will be more construction in the city as improvements are made to the city’s infrastructure on roadways such as SH 26, Glade Road and roundabouts are added along Cheek-Sparger Road.

With that construction comes mobility challenges, but Kelly said city staff has worked to limit the interruptions.

“The key on mobility is doing things that keep our residents and those traveling through our city moving, but still maintaining the small-town feel,” he said.

This year, the city will work on a comprehensive master plan with a completion goal of early 2015. The plan, which will include citizen input, will provide direction for the city’s economic and residential endeavors.

“This will be a very important piece to get updated,” Kelly said.

City officials expect public meetings on the plan to begin in the spring.

Recently, the city’s Sidewalk Committee proposed amendments to the city’s sidewalk policies that City Council members will review in January.

Kelly said sidewalks are an important part of Colleyville, and citizens are demanding more connectivity. He said he hopes to have a fair plan that allows the city to meet citizen needs in the long run.

While 2014 will bring plenty of change to the city, Kellysaid he plans to keep the city’s small-town charm.

“I still want them to believe that it’s the hidden jewel in the Metroplex,” he said. “When you’re here you’re going to call it home.”

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