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December 23, 2013

Southlake Council wraps up business for the year

The city passed several new developments.

The City Council had a final meeting before the end of the year to push through some proposed developments and recognize the SPIN Standing Committee.

SPIN Recognition

The city recognized those who have and are serving on the SPIN Standing Committee in the group’s 20 years.

The committee is a citizen-driven organization that is in the process of becoming the community engagement committee.

Gary Fickes, Tarrant County Commissioner and former Southlake mayor, remembers starting the group in 1993.

“It had to be bottom up,” he said. “We empowered the people. No more excuses for anybody to not have the ability to know what was going on.”

The new group will continue to host town forum meetings, but the way residents get information has changed because of the Web and social media, prompting a shift to new goals.

Councilwoman Carolyn Morris said she remembers going door-to-door to get information to neighbors, and for 20 years SPIN committee members represented certain zones of the city where they lived.

The change does away with those zones and instead the committee will help and advise city officials with issues related to outreach. An example would be using the committee’s help to get out facts about West Nile prevention to the public.

Legends of Southlake

Dragon Stadium will have a new neighbor.

The Council approved the development of the office park Legends of Southlake on land directly west of the stadium.

The development is focused on warehouse and office needs rather than retail.

The development will include a public street, Dean Way, which will connect to the Carroll Independent School District property. While the developer plans to work with the school district to connect the pavement between the road and the stadium, a city-controlled gate will be installed between the two properties.

While parking won’t be allowed on the road, it will provide another way for game-day attendees to make it to the stadium and offer more spots to tailgate.

Developers plan to break ground in February.

Kimball Oaks

The Council approved plans for a shopping center at FM 1709 and Kimball Avenue.

While the developer, Richmond Group, could not say what stores or restaurants may come, they plan to open the shops in fall.

Richmond Group plans to remove the wall that sits along the intersection.

The development will move Christ our King Church, which currently sits at the corner. Senior pastor David Whitington said the church plans to build a new facility elsewhere on Kimball.

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