Colleyville committee meets to discuss sidewalks

12/17/2013 11:36 AM

12/17/2013 11:37 AM

Colleyville Sidewalk Committee members hope to simplify the city’s current sidewalk policy.

The group met with city staff on Dec. 10 to create amendments to the policy that has left some residents and developers frustrated at Council meetings, while the city tries to improve pedestrian mobility.

The proposed change is simple: sidewalks are mandatory for all new developments.

Applicants may request paying into an escrow account in lieu of building a sidewalk, but Public Works director Bob Lowry said that will be for extenuating circumstances.

“The basic policy is sidewalks will be built by everybody, but they may request an escrow,” Lowry said.

City staff will decide if an escrow payment is warranted, and if denied, the applicant may appeal to the city manager. If the city manager denies the request, applicants can appeal to the City Council.

City Council members met with the committee and staff in late November to discuss issues with the current policy. The group decided that city staff should have more input and that the policy needs to be more equitable.

Currently, mandatory sidewalks are dictated by a master plan map the committee created in 2008. The map outlines where sidewalks should go. In some instances, that means one side of a street has a sidewalk that neighborhood residents must build, while those living across the road neither have to build a sidewalk nor pay into an escrow.

The proposal would remove the map.

City staff will present the recommendations to City Council at the Jan. 7 pre-council meeting.

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