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June 2, 2014

Junior plans to lead Legacy golf even farther after summer

Russell Schuljak will work on his mental game and take part in several tournaments as he tries to help the Broncos do even better next season than this year’s state tournament appearance.

Russell Schuljak helped the Legacy golf team to an eighth-place finish at the 4A state golf tournament this past school year, and as a junior, he will have next year to give it another try.

Schuljak was the low scorer for the Legacy boys at state, shooting 77-83 for the tournament, and coach Christopher Word said he has been impressed with Schuljak's efforts in a number of areas this season.

“First of all, he is a fantastic kid,” Word said. “He makes incredibly good grades in the classroom. He's well-respected by his teachers and his peers. He brings leadership by example in that respect, but he also hits the ball insanely far. He is a legitimate 300-yard guy off the tee.

“And I mean a real 300-yard guy. Not a ‘I'm with dad on the weekend, downwind 300’ kind of a guy. And, he has the potential to get really hot with the putter, so he can really score some of our lowest numbers on his best days.”

Schuljak said that he is ready to provide leadership this season to his younger teammates and said that his goal is to help his team get back to state once again.

“I just try to shoot what I can, and hope things turn out well,” Schuljak said. “This was obviously our best year, because we got to go to state. I guess this was the closest our top five players have been this year, so we all hung out inside and outside of school. That made it a lot easier to be relaxed at tournaments.”

Schuljak said that helped his team to establish a great sense of camaraderie this season.

“A lot of times, you can go to practice and be with your friends, and it makes it easier,” Schuljak said. “It also makes it more competitive, because you have your friends you are trying to beat.”

Schuljak said he wants to improve his mental game during the summer, and said he definitely has some objectives for next season, as well.

“My goal it to try to get back to state and finish better than we did last year,” Schuljak said. “We did lose a lot of seniors. If we have a freshman fill in to one of the spots we have open, I think we can make it.”

Word said that Schuljak will be playing in a number of tournaments this summer and said he will be a big part of any a success Legacy enjoys next year.

“He's probably going to play our number one or two all year,” Word said. “So he'll be critical. You've got to have a horse at one and two – guys that are capable of shooting even par, and he's going to be one of those guys for us.”

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