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May 26, 2014

Powerlifting state champion competes at state track meet in discus

Kami Stockett managed eighth place in the discus throw despite having an injury.

Prior to Kami Stockett going to Austin to compete in discus at the state track and field meet just a few weeks ago, the Mansfield senior had already collected a state championship.

Stockett had won the 198-pound state powerlifting championship at the Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association championships in mid-March in Corpus Christi.

Having already set a regional meet record in the deadlift of 415 pounds, Stockett made attempts at the state record of 440 at the state meet. She got the weight off the ground but couldn’t lock her legs for a legal lift.

“I went in to the state meet knowing what I had to do to win,” Stockett said. To win state, Stockett had the right mindset for what it would take. “If I take care of business and knew if I lifted what I knew I could, I could do it.”

The state championship in each of 11 weight classes is based on the cumulative weight lifted in three events: deadlift, bench press and squat.

Stockett knew she had the title won on the second to last deadlift. Knowing she had the championship wrapped up, she went for the state record.

“It wasn’t a clean lift, but I got it off the ground,” she said.

Picking up a state championship in just her second year of competition is quite a feat.

Stockett started lifting as a way to replace playing basketball and she knew lifting would aid her discus and shot put efforts.

“I ended up loving it and wished I would have done it sooner,” she said of the sport.

Powerlifting coach Bruce Cogdill said he had coached Stockett earlier in high school and was able to convince her to give powerlifting a try.

“Coach had something to do with it,” Stockett admitted. “He made it so much fun. He’s one of the main reasons I love it so much. He pushed me hard because he knew what I was capable of.”

Almost as impressive as the state championship in powerlifting was Stockett’s performance at the track and field meet.

She placed eighth after winning the regional competition. But that finish may have been much higher had she not torn her pectoral muscle about four days prior to the state meet.

“I didn’t tear it completely, but I knew something was wrong,” Stockett said. After being asked if she wanted to withdraw at the meet, Stockett refused and eventually made her best discus toss on her final throw.

Now, Stockett said she’ll work to heal her injury and then get back in the weight room. She’ll be throwing the shot and discuss for Stephen F. Austin next year on scholarship.

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