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March 10, 2014

Jaguars look to improve before playoffs begin

Summit Boys Soccer A tie with Crowley last week signaled to coach David McDonald that the team can still get better.

The Summit boys soccer team is hammering its way through district competition this season, but a 1-1 draw on Friday reminded coach David McDonald that there is an area his team still needs to shore up.

The Jaguars played Burleson Centennial on Tuesday after the paper had already gone to press and will square off with Legacy at 6 p.m. on March 19 at Vernon Newsom Stadium.

“It will be a very physical game again,” McDonald said. “Whenever you play teams from your own school district, there are kids that know each other well, it leads to a lot of tension. Depending on what happens over the next couple of games with Legacy, they'll either still be in the playoff hunt, where the game really matters, or they will already be out, where they will be looking to ruin our day.

“Either way, they are going to come out and play us hard. They are not going to want to lose again to us.”

Summit defeated Seguin by a score of 9-0 on Wednesday in a game that McDonald said his team did a great job of putting away goals.

“Our game against Seguin went really, really well,” McDonald said. “We got a goal off of a free kick, and after that, we just got on a roll and put up a huge lead. That's the way that soccer can be sometimes. One of the things that we've struggled with this year is finishing goals. We've been good at creating opportunities for ourselves, but not finishing. Seguin was one of those games where everything we were creating for the most part we were able to finish.”

Summit followed that up with a 1-1 draw against Crowley on Friday night, which, while unfortunate, is something that McDonald said may not necessarily be completely bad.

“We started off very poorly and made some mistakes and that's what cost us a win in that game,” McDonald said. “We had to settle for a tie, when we shouldn't have had to, and it was the exact opposite of what we had been doing the past couple of games. We regressed back to what we were doing at the beginning of the season when we were struggling, where guys weren't being very aggressive, they weren't working very hard.

“In the big picture, we've already locked up a playoff spot and we are in the hunt for a district title, but looking ahead to the playoffs, being humbled a little bit might just be what we need to get moving in the right direction.”

McDonald said that he is going to give his guys a little bit of a break during spring break to get the chance to heal up from lingering injuries before the playoffs get underway.

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