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January 20, 2014

Timberview boys soccer team has already outdone 2013 season

Despite lacking depth, the group features a solid core of seniors and has three victories, a big improvement over last year’s winless season.

There may not be a wealth of excitement over a 3-2 start to the Timberview boys soccer season, but it’s already surpassed the win total of last year … by three wins.

Last season, Timberview finished the year at 0-22-1.

The Wolves had competed in the Justin Northwest tournament to open the season and came away with a 1-2 record after picking up their win over a salty Burleson Centennial team.

Last weekend, the Wolves won the consolation match over Seagoville, 2-1, and also picked up a second round win over Wilmer-Hutchins, 3-0. Their loss was to Dallas Sunset, 3-0.

“We’re moving the pieces around to find what fits where,” said second-year head coach Jason Young. “That’s why we play these tournaments.”

The Timberview enrollment took a hit when Lake Ridge opened, and the Wolves are lacking depth as a result of the smaller athlete pool. Young said the Timberview enrollment is about 1,600, while district foe Duncanville is pushing 4,000.

But that’s not going to be an excuse for Timberview.

“We’re going to build off where we left off,” Young said. “We have younger kids and a good group of seniors. There are plenty of role players in our underclassmen and we’re definitely improved over last year.”

As they’ve already improved on their win total this year over last year, the Wolves have solid players on the field but just lack the depth.

“The starters are as competitive as anybody but the talent coming off the bench is what hurts us,” Young said.

“It’s like going into a gun fight with a knife,” he said.

Young has known the seniors since they started their freshman year and said they are a tight-knit group and they’ll shoulder much of the responsibility going forward.

“I sort of put it on them,” Young said of the charge to the seniors. “We’ll go as far as they’ll take us. They take it as a challenge. Several of them were on the last Timberview playoff team from 2012. They can tell the other guys what it’s like and share the experience.”

The Wolves don’t have much time to fine-tune before the district season opens.

Their final non-district game is Friday against Legacy, and then district play ensues.

Young characterized the Wolves’ style as blue-collar and still a little rough around the edges.

There may not be many standouts, but the Wolves are a hard-working group that will get better as the season progresses, he said.

“It may not look pretty, but we’ll get the job done,” Young said.

Where the Wolves lack in skill, they will make up for it in hard work, starting on the practice field.

“They know it’s time to work, but they have fun, too,” the coach added.

The element of sharing the load is also a common theme for Timberview. After the first three games, four players had one goal apiece.

“If we’re going to win, we’ll win as a team,” Young said to emphasize the sharing of the workload.

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