Vote your conscience in local elections

03/24/2014 5:28 PM

03/24/2014 5:30 PM

With the exception of a few run-offs, the state and national slate of electors is set. Now, our focus is on Mansfield. Who do we want to make decisions for us concerning local policy, who will we trust our treasury to this May?

Each May, Mansfield citizens have a duty to vote for their choice of leadership. Do we hope to embrace change or do we vote to keep the leadership in place that has helped make Mansfield one of the best cities in America to live?

Unlike many cities, our hometown still believes in listening to her citizens. We have a record of keeping city taxes in line and property values growing. We continue to raise the quality-bar, having been awarded awards for the best park system in the state. Mansfield is one of the best-managed cities in the nation. We still believe in One Nation with Liberty, designed and ordained by God.

A dominant world view running rampant today is about social engineering and economic global synchronicity. Our vote is the best defense to stop the virus from contaminating the rest of our country, state by state, city by city.

Today, as Texans, we are still the majority. But, unless you vote, a New America is on the cusp of changing our world as we know it. Washington may have been infected by this new form of government; that doesn’t have to happen here.

All I ask of you today is to read and do a little research. Start with the Constitution and your Bible. Most of us still embrace God, family and country.

Vote for what is right.

Darryl W. Haynes

Mansfield City Council Place 4

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