Look to blue to avoid the winter-time blues

01/20/2014 11:44 AM

01/20/2014 11:46 AM

Brrr! The frigid cold keeps us inside and can add to the blahs. Cabin fever doesn’t really give us a warm feeling now, does it? It’s more like the January and February blues! The colorful decorations are gone and that just adds to the desire to have something new in the house.

What better time than now to share with you the exciting color trends we saw at the recent home furnishings market in High Point, N.C.?

Cobalt blue was one color we seemed to see everywhere. Cobalt is described as everything from dazzling to true blue elegance. This is a timeless workhorse color that can add pop to any design scheme. It is like an old familiar friend, one you are not only comfortable inviting into your home, but one who can stay as long she wants.

At market, we saw blues ranging from cool sky, robin’s egg, denim, periwinkle and teal to deep indigo. Rich shades of cobalt and indigo meld with crisp white for a classically elegant color combination. From adorning contemporary forms to traditional patterns, blue and white proves a timeless pairing.

If the blues don’t do it for you, purple and red—two other hues from that side of the color wheel—took a royal turn in the spotlight at market. Purple has long been known as the ultimate color for royalty and is again on an upswing in color trends. It also shows well in a softer, amethyst shade combined with jadeite—not quite turquoise, not quite malachite – a milkier, lighter green. It is a color to watch this year and next.

Much is coming up red this season as variations on this show-stopping shade lend a palpable buzz to home design. A little goes a long way, but a lot is better for sizzling red-hot style. Red creates energy. It introduces passion into any space. It’s unfailingly optimistic.

Covered with art, red calms down into a rich and elegant background. It makes the mundane memorable. Words cannot describe red—or can they? How about: intense, luxurious, full of life, confidence, daring, warm, racy, hot, romantic, sexy, torrid, stimulating, exciting, “stop and pay attention.” We saw all of this in the market. Didn’t you love red during the holidays? Then why not use it more throughout the year?

But don’t just stay on one side of the color wheel. Continue to look for yellows to play an important part when talking about any color scheme. Prevalent in the market were variations of yellow, ranging from soft buttery tones to robust canary. These were understandably more visible last spring, so look for them to come back in full bloom in the spring.

The market had a very clear message: This year will be a colorful one in home fashions.

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