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08/11/2014 9:17 AM

08/11/2014 9:18 AM

The Water Utility Department is set to host a series of Texas SmartScape Classes for two weeks in September. Fall classes are scheduled a month earlier than normal to allow residents the best time to plant fall gardens and purchase plants.

Whether you’re designing a garden for your new home or adding a few new plants to your yard, Texas SmartScape classes can help. These classes give you the tools you need to plan your garden, select the right plants and care for them in a manner that saves you time and money while protecting streams and rivers and conserving water resources.

The following is a list of the Texas SmartScape classes being held 6-8 p.m. on the first and second Tuesday and Thursday evenings in September:

Sept. 2: Fall Gardening for Color

If you’re like us and love the colors of fall, come learn how to add color to your fall landscape. Enjoy nonstop color all season long with these gardening suggestions and ideas. Join us to get the best fall gardening tips from a garden expert.

Sept. 4: Drought Tolerant Landscape

When people think of drought-tolerant landscapes they usually think of desert plants, cactus and rocks. Fortunately in North Texas, we have many more options than that, for example the heat-loving colorful Texas lantana. Learn what native and drought-tolerant plants are for North Texans and how they help you have a vibrant landscape while requiring less maintenance, saving water and keeping a thicker wallet.

Sept. 9: Square-foot Gardening

Square-foot gardening is great way to start a garden for beginners and experienced gardeners. Whether you live on acreage or just have a balcony, using the square foot gardening method is the perfect way to get your hands dirty and grow plants efficiently. Come learn how this method of gardening saves water, time, money and work.

Sept. 11: Creating Compost

Learn how to use the scrap foods, coffee grounds, leaves and grass around your house to create your own compost. Compost is simply the breakdown organic materials. Not only does compost replenish nutrients to your soil, but it also reduces your need for expensive chemical fertilizers, pesticides and water. Composting is easy and doesn’t smell when done correctly. Learn how to create your own black gold for the spring.

Classes are held at the Water Treatment Plant, 707 Pleasant Ridge Court (behind Worley Middle School). All classes are free to any Mansfield resident. Sign up today, seating is limited. There will be door prizes to go along with the great information.

To register call 817-477-2248 or email

Visit for additional information about Texas SmartScape. For questions contact education specialist Arianne Shipley at 817-477-2248.

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