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August 13, 2014

Trophy Club eyes special election to fill vacancy

Councilman Danny Mayer resigns from Place 4 council seat.

Trophy Club Councilman Danny Mayer has resigned his from his Place 4 council seat because he no longer has the time to serve on the Council.

The Council accepted Mayer’s resignation at public meeting earlier this month.

Mayer said his wife’s real estate business has quadrupled in size over a two-year span and, he said, his firearms business has "really taken off."

"Totally due to time constraints," Mayer said. "When I ran for office, I stated then that I would only serve one term. I repeated that throughout the past two years."

Mayer has served on the council since 2012.

"When I started missing council meetings, I knew that the best thing for the citizens would be to resign and let them elect someone that would attend," Mayer said this past weekend.

The town will hold a special election Nov. 4 to fill Mayer’s Place 4 council seat.

The election could cost $5,000 to $6,000, Councilman Greg Lamont said.

He said the election last November of a new council member cost the town $4,800, not including any charges for newspaper notices. Should a run-off election be needed it would cost more Lamont said.

Mayer’s departure should not interrupt business as usual for the Council, except that it creates the potential for deadlocked council votes, Lamont said.

"The only issue that may be a problem from now until the November election for the Council seat, is that there can be the possibility of a 3-3 tie, which would mean that the agenda item would fail," he said.

Those interested in running for the seat can pick up a packet at the town office, 100 Municipal Drive or contact the town secretary, 682-831-4605. The filing period is Aug. 13-Aug. 21.

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