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July 14, 2014

Central volleyball player readying for next level

Brianna Dorsey is getting ready to fight for court time as a freshman once again – this time at Alabama State.

The Central girls volleyball team graduated 10 seniors from last season’s playoff team and almost half of them will be on the court next year as well.

Four of the 10 players will be competing at the collegiate level.

One of those former Lady Chargers, Brianna Dorsey, is making the most of the summer months as she trains for her freshman season at Alabama State University in Montgomery.

Following the Lady Chargers’ ouster from the playoffs in the first round, Dorsey committed to play for the Hornets after a courtship by the coaching staff. Dorsey said she had attended Alabama State’s clinic where she gained the confidence of the program after being scouted during the season.

The middle blocker from Central will also be asked to play on the right side when she gets to Montgomery, but that transition isn’t a concern to Dorsey.

The summer workouts will be a big part of the preparations prior to getting next to the net in college.

“They gave us a program to follow from June until we get back on Aug. 7,” Dorsey said. “I do running and weight training and a little bit of yoga. I do a lot of plyometrics, too.”

“I’m doing it on my own,” Dorsey added. “I think it’s easier. When I work out with other people, I tend to talk and when I’m by myself, I can get it done in a timely manner.”

One of the elements Dorsey has been tracking recently is her vertical leap, which has most recently been measured at 25.2 inches.

Running sprints is top on Dorsey’s list for helping build her explosiveness and her legs for jumping.

“It’s a big part of the game and very important for a middle to get up there if you want to be successful,” she said. Jumping comes somewhat natural to Dorsey, she said, but it will be an aspect she’ll keep a focus on going forward.

Dorsey said she’s at the Central campus every day to do her workouts while other athletes are performing their pre-season conditioning.

Although Dorsey will be an 11-hour drive away from Central when she reports to Alabama State, she said she’ll still be interested in how the Lady Chargers perform next season with many younger players stepping in.

Her focus is now, though, is totally on her conditioning, as her club team, Texas Advantage Volleyball, completed their play at the national tournament in Minneapolis. The Advantage team is comprised of Fort Worth and Irving-area athletes and finished 23rd in the field of 50.

“You can play volleyball year-round if you want to,” Dorsey said, but noted she has no intention of moving into the beach volleyball season, which is now underway. “It’s a completely different and harder than indoors,” Dorsey said of playing in the sand.

Even without the beach season, Dorsey said playing at the next level will be difficult enough on its own. She will be back to her freshman-year situation of fighting for playing time, even as she was in her first year at Central. Dorsey was a four-year starter for the Lady Chargers.

“It’s a little bit of a mental game, but I’m excited to push harder,” she said of the opportunity to prove herself.

As difficult as the athletic competition may be for Dorsey, she admitted some of her biggest challenges may come from other college realities.

“I’ll be on my own and getting to class and waking up on my own without having my parents to get me up and get to class will be difficult,” Dorsey said honestly.

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