Keller Citizen

June 10, 2014

City changing end of term dates for commissions in Keller

Ending dates will move to June to align with May elections.

KELLER The end-of-term dates for the city’s volunteer boards and commissions is being moved from November to June to better align with the May elections, officials said.

Mayor Mark Mathews recently announced at a City Council meeting that the appointments of board and commission members are going to undergo a process to “better align with the city’s spring election cycle,” starting with the Planning & Zoning, Keller Development Corporation and Parks & Recreations committees.

The city is taking citizen applications for those committees until June 18. Originally, terms in those boards ended November 30, but this process will change the end date to June 30 to be closer to May elections, city spokesperson Rachel Reynolds said.

Reynolds said no commissions or boards are dissolving and no committee members are being removed as part of this change, and anyone currently serving on those boards were personally invited by the mayor to reapply.

“This will allow councils now and in the future to ensure that those appointed to these groups reflect the latest expectations of our citizens and align well with the overall goals and vision of the council as our community grows and evolves,” Mathews said.

The city is starting with those three commissions but will eventually move to the others throughout the summer. Reynolds said the city decided to start with those commissions because they are most closely related to big updates in development.

Committee members will go through an interview process June 19 and be appointed July 1. Applications are available on the city’s website. The process will also be addressed in the upcoming June 17 city council meeting.

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