Fossil Ridge Top 10 seniors

06/04/2014 2:32 PM

06/04/2014 2:33 PM

A trip to the dermatologist put Fossil Ridge High School valedictorian Stephanie Tran on a possible career path.

Tran asked staff members how a medicine she’d been prescribed worked.

“They explained it to me, and I realized I could relate it to what I learned in biology that year,” Tran said. “I got really excited.”

Tran will attend Texas A&M University and plans to major in biochemistry and eventually go to medical school.

Salutatorian Alexis Sikorski is also interested in science, specifically neuroscience and anthropology. She is headed to Texas Woman’s University to study biology.

“I like learning how people think and how they believe about the world,” Sikorski said.

Sikorski’s favorite activity in high school was the Asia Club. She enjoyed learning about other cultures and celebrating multi-cultural night at the school.

Tran liked being in band. She played clarinet and appreciated making music and friends.

Tran’s favorite educator at Ridge is science teacher Alan Cotten. “He is really passionate about what he teaches, and I also want to be passionate about what I do.”

Sikorski said she couldn’t really single out one teacher. Many of them have been inspirational role models.

Tran’s advice to younger students would be to enjoy the people around them, a lesson she said she learned as a senior.

“I would tell them to do their best but don’t stress out too much over grades. They’re not everything,” Tran said.

Sikorski would encourage teens to follow their dreams.

“Find your passion and once you do, never let it go,” she said.

The other top 10 seniors in the Fossil Ridge Class of 2014, in alphabetical order:

Ethan Boyd will attend Texas A&M University and plans to major in biology.

Laura Gatch plans to go to the University of Nebraska Lincoln and study insect science.

Holly Kendrick will go to Dallas Baptist University and plans to study psychology.

Philip Morrow will attend Houston Baptist University and is undecided about a major.

Quan Nguyen will go to the University of North Carolina and plans to major in chemistry.

Jonah Noureddine plans to attend Texas A&M University and study petroleum engineering.

Farhan Rob will go to Texas A&M University and plans to major in biomedical engineering.

Laureon Watson plans to go to Texas Christian University and study psychology.

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