Keller Citizen

June 3, 2014

Keller police hand out rewards for kids wearing helmets

Keller police reprise “ice cream citations” for kids wearing bicycle helmets.

Kids in Keller who practice good bicycle safety by wearing helmets may get a sweet reward from the Keller Police Department.

The department is issuing “ice cream citations” to youngsters in the city who wear their helmets. Each “citation” is a coupon good for a free mini sundae at Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, which is partnering with the department for the program.

The idea is to promote bicycle safety, Police Chief Mark Hafner said.

While officers are on routine patrol, any school-aged children they see are eligible for the citation. Hafner said some kids have started pointing at their helmets when they see an officer drive by.

“Hopefully this will remind the youth of the benefits of wearing helmets, and give them an added incentive to stay safe,” Hafner said.

The idea started about 10 years ago when the department partnered with a now-closed ice cream store in Town Center, Hafner said. When the store went out of business the citations were put on hold, until Freddy’s opened in 2013.

Hafner said he thinks this program adds to the city’s reputation as being safe for cyclists.

“We have very few pedestrian or cyclist accidents, thankfully,” he said. “I attribute that to the wide sidewalks which children know to use when possible, and for the city being a big cyclist community so people expect to see people on bikes on the sides of the roads.”

The department will continue the ice cream citations program through the summer.

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