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April 23, 2014

New barbecue restaurant replaces another in Old Town

The restaurant will take over the Up-N-Smoke location in Old Town.

Old Town Keller will add another family-run business to its roster with Southlake’s Feedstore BBQ.

The barbecue restaurant will replace Up-N-Smoke, which closed at the end of January after owner Phil Dansby’s retirement. Feedstore BBQ opened its first location in Southlake in 2001 operated the Lafavers family. The restaurant was originally a feedstore and general store in the late 1950s, but was developed as an eatery when the Lafavers bought it in 1997.

“We’re super excited to come to Keller,” co-owner Matt Lafavers said. “We’ve been looking at an opportunity to get out there a while and this is the perfect fit for Feedstore BBQ.”

Lafavers said Old Town is the ideal location for the restaurant because of its atmosphere, which is a big selling point for visitors.

The new location faced minor issues in March after the driver of a car crashed through its side in the morning hours. Cary Moon, a business owner who sold the property, said it is getting new windows, paint and repairs after the accident.

But Lafavers said the work being done will have a big payoff in the end. He plans on running the Keller location full-time while his brother Mike will run the one in Southlake.

Moon calls this addition a “big win” for Keller.

“We targeted [Feedstore BBQ] from the beginning because of what they would bring to Main Street,” he said. “It’s such a well-known venue in Southlake with a big following in Northeast Tarrant County and great food. It’s just a good, family-run business.”

Old Town Keller Merchants’ Association secretary Becky Harness said she and others in the group can’t wait for Feedstore BBQ to go to Keller.

“We’ve already called them and welcomed them,” she said. “I love what’s going on in Main Street, they’re very diverse with the foods. [Feedstore has] some of the best barbecue I’ve ever eaten in my life and I’m happy to keep it in Keller.”

The restaurant will open in July.

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