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April 21, 2014

Letters to the editor

Support and accolades

Support and accolades

I have gotten to know Connie White for the past several years that I have lived here in Trophy Club. I have found Connie to be a trustworthy person that truly cares about the people and the town of Trophy Club.

Connie has always been open to hearing what people have to say. Connie has also demonstrated the ability to make tough decisions when necessary.

Under Connie’s leadership there’s been a lot of accomplishments and accolades for the town. One of the areas that has really impressed me is the enhanced level of communication that comes from the town.

A recent example was the coverage of the grass fires near Trophy Club Park. Even though the MUD operates the fire department the town took charge in informing residents of the real time happenings of the fire. I think everyone can tip their hat on how well the town did at this task. Combining what actions the fire department took and the communications from the town plus the overall professionalism from everyone involved made me very feel proud to live in this community.

In conclusion, my 4-year-old son still talks about how the mayor, Connie White, read to him, along with other kids about Christmas. When my lovely wife recently learned of Connie having an opponent her comment was, "Everyone needs to vote for Connie. I can't imagine anyone else, as mayor, reading to our son about Christmas other than Connie White." I must say, I wholeheartedly agree with my wife.

Jared King, Trophy Club

Maintain momentum

I am writing to support Connie White, who has served for the last five years as Trophy Club Mayor with dignity and professionalism.

Since Connie took office, Trophy Club has experienced tremendous growth which has been effectively managed with her thoughtful leadership of the Council and strong positive interaction with the Town staff and building community. Extensive planning has been done to manage the growth – both in services, infracture and amenities – and to protect what we have in the community. I urge voters to vote to retain Connie White as Mayor and maintain the momentum that has provided “a great place to call home”.

Joyce Frey, Trophy Club

Proud support

I know Rick Barnes and can assure you he is the best candidate for Keller City Council, Place 6. Mr. Barnes maintains grass roots values and brings much-needed vision and ethics to the city leadership. Rick is committed to controlled residential development in our city. Unlike his opponent, Rick has developed and shared his plan for progressive commercial development within Keller. Mr. Barnes is dedicated to representing all of Keller and has no pre-conceived agenda or commitment to any special interest. Mr. Barnes has a proven record of leadership having been recognized with two lifetime achievement awards within his profession. Rick is a successful entrepreneur and business owner. He is recognized for his collaboration with a diverse audience and commits to serving as the voice of all citizens. Rick is a servant leader who is dedicated to making sure Keller remains an outstanding city within which we have family values, a quality education system, safety through outstanding police and fire services, and low taxes. I am proud to support Rick Barnes for Keller City Council, Place 6.

Christopher Polidore, Keller

Moving forward

As citizens of Keller it is our responsibility to do our due diligence and understand the position of the candidates for city council Place 5 and 6 and for city mayor on election day May 10, 2014. It’s up to each of us to study the facts and vote accordingly and not on hearsay. I look back at where Keller was and where we are today and I’m encouraged about tomorrow. With the direction of Mayor McGrail, Keller has emerged as one of the most desired cities in the country to live and work according to Money Magazine. That didn’t happen by accident. His transparent hard work and devotion to this city is worthy of his re-election. Councilman John Hoffmann has provided leadership and stayed true to his commitments of his first term. Working with John on Planning and Zoning for a number of years I know him to be Honest, Ethical and with great integrity. John always looks at an issue openly with no preconcived judgement. John continues to be a voice for the people and is a clear choice for re-election, place 5 on the city council. Ken Lewis has emerged as a force and voice of reason. His insight on growth in commercial and meaningful residential development is spot on. Moving forward will be challenging and Keller residents will be the beneficiary of competent, capable candidates as in Pat McGrail, John Hoffmann and Ken Lewis.

Dan Truby, Keller

Election Time

The incumbents are taking sensible positions. Must be election time. McGrail, Lewis and Hoffman have discovered low density. Must be election time. They now want to attract and encourage business. Must be election time. Where were their votes on low vs. high density when it mattered? Must be election time. Where were their votes on assisting businesses in moving to Keller? Must be election time. I proudly support Mark Mathews, Bill Hodnett and Rick Barnes, who say what they mean and mean what they say. Southlake has term limits. All we have is our vote. It’s time to make a change. It is election time.

Ernest Taylor, Keller

Thank you

Thank you, Bill Hodnett, for stepping up to run for Keller City Council. With your extensive senior level business management and leadership skills, the citizens will gain an exceptional representative who has their best interests at heart.

Bill is not a career politician, but a pragmatic, fact based and honorable person who will make decisions that will protect our citizens while providing long term benefits to Keller, enhancing our property values, continuing low taxes while stimulating the execution of well-designed and planned residential and commercial growth, helping to transform Keller into a vibrant and healthy economic community. Bill realizes we desperately need more opportunities to "Dine, Shop, Work & Play," in Keller.

Bill will bring his strong leadership, vision and passion to do the right thing for the people of Keller, which is sorely needed. Please don't sit on the sidelines, vote for Bill Hodnett to make a real difference.

Bill Dodge, Keller

Lending support

I am writing to whole heartedly endorse Mayor Pat McGrail, Councilman John Hoffmann and Commissioner Ken Lewis for mayor and councilmen.

I have known Mayor McGrail for many years and know him as a man of honor who believes in transparency in government and avoids those who would attempt to govern from the shadows. Also known as "Mr. Keller", Mayor McGrail lives and breathes Keller and has seen us successfully through the recession that affected so many. He didn't just start being involved in this community because of an election, he belongs to over 30 organizations and boards that benefit our city.

Three years ago, I ran, unsuccessfully, against John Hoffmann for city council. I have come to respect him and his heart for Keller. He is ethical, focused and has an eye for projects and initiatives that keep Keller growing and financially sound.

I serve on Planning & Zoning Commission with Ken Lewis and know him as one with values that are not to be compromised. He is forthright and believes in doing what is right for ALL of Keller, not just a handful of vocal people.

All of these men can be trusted, all are respected by a large majority of Keller citizens.

I endorse Pat McGrail, John Hoffmann and Ken Lewis and you should too. A vote for them is a vote for honesty, integrity and transparency.

Jackie Black, Keller

Join in a vote

I was surprised at Mayor McGrail’s new found belief in his interview that “he does not support high density development”—this is a misrepresentation and contrary to his voting record. P & Z member Lewis said that “following the Future Land Use Plan is essential”. Councilman Hoffman said he wants to work with the citizens on the best way to develop land. All three officials have consistently voted in favor of high density, ignored the desires of citizens, and ignored zoning ordinances by changing current zoning from low density residential to high density. There have been 17 zoning changes to high density. None of these officials follow the current FLUP. An example is the recent vote by all of them in favor of the Bel Canto development (106 patio homes on 30 acres). Fifty-two percent of the surrounding homeowners voiced opposition to this zoning change. I have personally met with candidates Mathews, Barnes and Hodnett, who have no personal agenda and are not beholden to builders, developers and realtors. I am convinced they will not give lip service to the citizens but will honestly represent citizens’ views. All three challengers have exceptional business expertise and will recruit quality commercial businesses to help alleviate some of the burden of the 82 percent residential tax base. If you want to protect Keller, join me in voting for Mark Mathews, Rick Barnes and Bill Hodnett.

Linda Taylor, Keller

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