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04/01/2014 10:35 AM

04/01/2014 10:36 AM

Support for Mark Mathews

As a Keller City Council member for the past two years, I wholeheartedly endorse Mark Mathews for Keller Mayor. Mark is a leader, successful business owner and has a distinct and forward looking vision for Keller's future, while protecting what makes Keller great. Do we want to become an over populated and highly taxed city without development of the highest quality commercial businesses? We will be, if we continue on this visionless course. I can't tell you the number of complaints I have received from our citizens regarding why we have too many gas stations, too many chicken places and nowhere to dine, shop, work and play, which has been our Keller motto over the years.

Make no mistake, this election will determine Keller's future. If allowed to continue, we will see more high density residential developments straining our delicate infrastructure, more fast food restaurants and continued 82 percent residential supported tax base without high quality commercial growth. We will become the feared donut hole in Tarrant County.


Bill Dodge, Keller

Re-elect John Hoffmann

John Hoffmann and I were both appointed to the Keller Planning and Zoning Commission in 2008, and were both elected to City Council in 2011. I have come to respect his dedication to our community, and I respect his character and conservative nature. He works hard to make the best decisions for all of Keller, and tackles each issue on its own merits. He is a good listener, and is respectful of all points of view. I have observed his leadership and communication skills as he has worked to bring Council to a consensus on difficult issues.

While John and I have not necessarily agreed on all issues, I have never doubted his motive. He is a strong believer in open and honest government, a trait we should seek in every elected official.

Simply stated, John Hoffmann is honest and keeps a sharp eye on our tax dollars. He works for all segments of our community, and deserves to be re-elected to City Council. It is a pleasure to serve with him.

Gary Reaves, Keller

Mayor Pro-Tem

Elect Ken Lewis for Keller City Council

I urge the citizens of Keller to elect Ken Lewis for Keller City Council, Place 6. I have known and worked side by side with Ken for over 20 years. Ken is a man of character, integrity, and outstanding leadership. As a Keller City Councilman, Ken will listen and take into consideration all views and opinions that may affect the citizens of Keller when making decisions for our community. I have been a citizen of Keller for the past 15 years and know that Ken’s leadership will continue to make Keller one of the top places to live in the USA. I urge you to vote for continued improvement of our community and vote for Ken Lewis for Keller City Council, Place 6 on May 10, 2014.


John Harding, Keller

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