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March 24, 2014

Letters to the editor

Support for John Hoffmann

Support for John Hoffmann

In 2011, John Hoffmann ran for his first term on the Keller City Council. During his campaign, he outlined several goals that he sought to fulfill on behalf of the citizens in our community if elected. I’d like to review how he did.

Goal No. 1 – Improve communication with citizens

Result No. 1 – John successfully led the Council’s efforts to increase the number of residents notified about proposed zoning changes near their homes. Now even more people are aware before potential changes start happening in their neighborhoods.

Goal No. 2 – Update the city’s more than 15-year-old Future Land Use Plan

Result No. 2 – At John’s urging, the council agreed to initiate the process of reviewing this important strategic planning document. A citizens’ committee is now being formed to guide the process forward by soliciting community input and ensuring the plan meets the needs of the city as well in 2014 as it did when it was last updated in 1998.

Goal No. 3 – Begin utilizing some of the 90 acres of undeveloped city parkland

Result No. 3 – John advocated and helped gain Council approval to begin building a new park so Keller residents can enjoy some of the pristine parkland they’ve already paid for. Construction of the city’s new Cherry Grove Park is set to begin soon.

John has successfully set and reached important goals for Keller, and we need his continued vision and leadership. Please join me in supporting John Hoffmann for re-election to Keller City Council, Place 5.

Paul Frederiksen, Keller

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