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January 28, 2014

Trophy Club P&Z rejects plan change

Commission denies more housing in Planned Development 30.

Members of the Trophy Club Planning and Zoning Commission agreed with many of the 75 residents who showed up Jan. 16 hearing on proposed changes to Planned Development 30.

With a 5-1 vote the group turned down a request by developer Scott Beck to add more residential units to the development that will be built near the town’s entrance at Trophy Club Drive and State Highway 114.

Trophy Club residents packed the board room of the Svore Municipal Building to express their views on a developer’s proposal to make amendments to a major mixed-use development planned for one of Trophy Club’s most visible entryways.

Most of the speakers at the Planning and Zoning Commission’s public hearing voiced concerns about the proposed amendments to Planned Development 30, especially with plans to add more residential units in several spaces previously reserved for retail.

The updated plans for the 26.4-acre site at the northeast corner of Trophy Club Drive and Texas 114 include a request to boost the maximum number of residential units for the mixed-use development from 250 to 350.

“My concern is if we add another 100 residential units above the 250 that’s been approved, that’s going to put an additional strain on the police, the fire, and the educational resources available to our existing residents,” Trophy Club resident Jim Parrow said. “There will also be a loss of sales tax revenue if we put residential where retail is supposed to have been.”

The P&Z agreed with residents’ concerns, voting to recommend that the Town Council deny the requested amendments of property owner JSB Properties.

The Trophy Club Town Council is scheduled to weigh in on the proposal at its Feb. 3 meeting. However, according to Councilman Greg Lamont, it would take a supermajority – six of seven council members – to override the P&Z’s denial vote.

Beck, owner of Dallas-based JSB Properties, told the commission that major developments in neighboring cities make it critical for Trophy Club to move forward with the PD-30 project.

“The time for action to get something done would be during this economic cycle,” Beck said.

The development would bring in shops, dining, upscale townhomes and a major hotel to a highly visible area along 114.

Former Town Councilman Larry Hoover said he didn’t want to speak in favor of or against the updated developer’s plans but that he feels the town needs a vibrant town center to secure its long-term viability.

“I would encourage you as an appointed board that doesn’t have to sit up here as an elected board subject to the political machinations of this town that you make the decision that is best for this town long term,” Hoover said.

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