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December 3, 2013

KISD officials look ahead to 2014-15

Keller trustees will vote on the school calendar at the December board meeting.

Keller district officials presented a draft of the 2014-15 instructional calendar at the Nov. 14 board meeting.

Next year’s proposed school calendar looks much like this year’s version with a few minor tweaks.

If approved by trustees next month, school would start on Aug. 26 and end on June 4, with the second semester beginning Jan. 21. This year, school began on Aug. 27 and the spring semester on Jan. 28.

Administrators opted to make the second semester a few days longer than the first because of all the instructional days lost to testing in the spring.

Student holidays are proposed for:

Sept. 1

Oct. 13

Nov. 10

Nov. 24-28

Dec. 22-Jan.2

Jan. 19-20

Feb. 16

March 9-13

April 3

May 25

Dustin Blank, executive director of leadership, said the calendar had been reviewed by the District Educational Improvement Committee which includes parents, community members, teachers and administrators, the Teachers Advisory Counsel and campus principals.

Blank said that officials would take a more in-depth look at the 2015-16 calendar to assess if the number of instructional and professional development days would need to be adjusted and to determine if more district training or campus training would be beneficial. The last few calendars have had a balance between district and campus training days for teachers, with two each occurring the week before classes and two each during the academic year.

The options for adjustments to the calendar have been limited since 2006 when the Texas Legislature adopted the requirement that public schools could not begin classes before the fourth Monday in August. Prior to that ruling, Keller often began classes in early to mid August and included a week off in October.

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