Fort Worth Stock Show

February 8, 2014

Young exhibitor leaves Stock Show with no regrets

Wyatt Blaylock was the subject of feature stories in the Star-Telegram.

Wyatt Blaylock will leave Fort Worth on Sunday without his European crossbred steer Frisco — and without regrets.

Blaylock’s 1,376-pound steer sold for $8,256, or $6 per pound, to a pair of purchasers, Finley Resources and Kelly Hart & Hallman, on Saturday at the Sale of Champions, the premier event of the Fort Worth Stock Show.

Last year, Blaylock’s steer at the show sold for $20,895, or $17.50, a pound as Stock Show Syndicate members drove up the price to encourage the young exhibitor, who had weathered his father’s death and persisted in raising his show steer.

Reports on Blaylock were featured in the Star-Telegram, last year and again last week.

Before Saturday’s sale, the 15-year-old freshman at La Vernia High School said he was going to walk Frisco “out, slap him on the rump and say, ‘Thank you.’ ”

After the steer was sold, Blaylock walked him to the market truck, the official parting place for most animals sold at the Stock Show.

Blaylock and his family planned to spend a family night in the Stockyards, have dinner and walk around, before leaving for home Sunday.

On Friday, Blaylock said he felt “fantastic” after Frisco finished fourth in his breed class, several steps higher than his 10th-place finish last year.

“It’s the best I’ve shown, and the best he’s shown also,” Blaylock said.

In his remarks, livestock judge Mark Johnson said Frisco was “well-presented and well-shown” and “bolder at the forerib and wider at the center” than the fifth-place finisher.

Now, Blaylock’s attention will immediately turn to his second steer, Captain, a silver European crossbred whom he will show in the Austin show in March.

There is a sense of relief when the show is over, Blaylock said, but it’s short-lived. He is looking forward to visiting Hereford in a couple of weeks to look at new calves for next year, and the next show ring.

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