Fort Worth

June 20, 2014

Popular Paschal history teacher honored with party, scholarship

Former Paschal students brought a favorite history teacher “home” to be adored, and established a scholarship in his name.

Dean Cozine doesn’t believe he did anything during the seven years he taught history at R.L. Paschal High School to warrant a party, much less a scholarship named for him.

Former students beg to differ, said John Fletcher, a professional consultant.

“He brought history to life,” said Fletcher, 62, (C lass of 1969).

When Cozine, 74, talked about a war, “you could smell the gunpowder,” Fletcher said.

Students who feel that he dramatically influenced their lives donated to the Dean Cozine Scholarship fund, which will be administered through the Paschal PTA scholarship program.

“It’s kind of overwhelming,” Cozine said. “It’s surreal, but very flattering and heartwarming.”

Cozine, himself a Paschal alum and a 1956 district-championship Panther quarterback, lives in California. He was flown to Fort Worth by auto dealer Mac Churchill (Class of ’69) and was honored with a Friday evening reception and a Saturday evening reunion party at the Fort Worth Zoo.

“I’ve been getting phone calls for two months from people who wanted to tell me how he touched their lives,” Fletcher said.

Cozine credits his success to the students themselves.

“I remember two productions that my classes presented to the student body,” Cozine said. “One was on the Vietnam War, the pros and cons of getting into it. The other was the first Earth Day. The kids did all the work, and I just directed them. I was stunned at how well they’d done.”

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