Fort Worth

June 10, 2014

Single-engine plane skids to safe stop at Meacham

The nose gear on a single-engine aircraft collapsed on landing at Meacham Airport about noon. The plane skidded about 300 feet, but no injuries were reported.

Two men aboard a single-engine aircraft escaped serious injury Tuesday when the nose gear collapsed on landing at Meacham Airport and the plane skidded about 300 feet, a fire department spokesman said.

The incident was reported about noon, Battalion Chief Richard Harrison said.

The pilot of a Bellanca Viking, accompanied by a mechanic, declared “an inflight emergency when an indicator light showed the nose gear was not locked,” Harrison said.

“A flyover revealed the gear did not appear to be fully deployed and locked.”

Fort Worth Fire Department’s Station 44 was alerted for a full aircraft rescue, Harrison said.

As the plane landed and skidded, “Fort Worth Rescue 44 immediately gave chase to the plane and deployed foam and water to protect the occupants and prevent ignition of the craft,” he said.

The two men got out of the aircraft “without further incident,” Harrison said.

He did not know why the nose gear malfunctioned.

Lynn Lunsford, spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, said the agency would investigate. He said the damage was “minor” and confirmed that no one was hurt.

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