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April 20, 2014

Humane Society saving pony, foal burned near Alvarado

Bella and her foal have responded well to around-the-clock care, but the Humane Society of North Texas is trying to raise $4,000 to pay for more treatments.

The Humane Society of North Texas has started a fundraising campaign to help a pony and her foal that were both severely burned near Alvarado.

The pony, Bella, was found on top of her foal, trying to shield her from the flames. She was burned over much of her body, and the foal, Butterscotch, has several small burns. Officials last week were not sure whether Bella’s ears, scarred by flames, could be saved.

The two were taken to a boarding stable near Decatur and have responded well to around-the-clock care from humane society volunteers. But Bella’s fight is far from over, said Whitney Hanson, humane society spokeswoman.

“The healing process for her burns will take several months of intensive, and expensive, care,” Hanson said.

To that end, the humane society is trying to raise an estimated $4,000.

Butterscotch’s burns also require daily wound care, Hanson said.

The fire began in the early hours of April 6 when a heating lamp in a barn stall shorted out and started an electrical fire, Hanson said.

“In the wake of the fire, Bella’s devastated family realized that they were unable to care for her extreme injuries,” Hanson said.

Humane society officials agreed to help, but made no guarantees.

“When we arrived, it was clear that Bella’s prognosis was bleak,” Hanson said. “She suffered severe burns to the majority of her body, and the billowing smoke that she had inhaled scorched her lungs.

“We rushed the pair to the care of an equine specialist, fearing the worst.”

“Though [Bella] is almost done with her regimen of oral medication, she still needs daily topical skin treatments that fight off infection and soothe her scorched skin,” Hanson said. “And in order to sustain her baby, she also needs milk supplements.”

Bella and Butterscotch, 1 month, are staying at the same stables near Decatur where the starving horses seized in Cleburne are being rehabilitated.

For information on how to make a donation, go to or call the humane society at 817-332-4768.

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