Drinking water may smell funny but it’s safe, Fort Worth water officials say

01/13/2014 9:06 PM

01/13/2014 9:07 PM

Drinking water in Arlington and Fort Worth and the surrounding cities that buy water from Fort Worth is safe even though it may have acquired an “earthy smell and taste” recently, the Fort Worth water department said Monday.

The changes were attributed to a shift in the supply of source water and to a normal cold weather development, according to a news release.

Last week, the Tarrant Regional Water District switched the water supply for two treatment plants to Lake Benbrook because of maintenance work on the pipeline from the Richland-Chambers Reservoir. Also, the water line from Cedar Creek Lake was shut down Friday because of a break on the line, the news release said.

In addition, a “naturally occurring compound” called geosmin has been rising, which is normal in colder weather when algae in surface water is killed off.

Both Arlington and Fort Worth water departments have increased the use of ozone to disinfect drinking water, which may help with taste and odor, the news release said. Customers bothered by the taste of the water can try adding a slice of lemon or lime or by refrigerating the water in an open container.

For more information, go online to the Fort Worth water department home page at www.fortworthtexas.gov/water. — Staff report

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